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Learn about Aloha Restaurant POS Software. Includes info on Aloha, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on April 17th, 2019

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Aloha is a Restaurant POS Software that offers food preparation and delivery streamlining, table management tools and online ordering, among other features.

Aloha Pricing:

Aloha does not make its pricing options available.

Aloha POS Reviews
Aloha Review:

Pros: Sturdy hardware and intuitive, reliable software.

Cons: Support team is routed to India and hold time can take up to 20 minutes.

Bottomline: Aloha streamlines your restaurant operations and provides a great customer experience.

Aloha Key Information:


Gauteng, South Africa

Phone Number

+2710 595 0002


Unit14, 5 Ateljee Street, Randpark Ridge, Gauteng, South Africa.


Aloha News and Activity:


News and Activity

December 13, 2018

NCR processes first JetPay transactions through Aloha POS platform

January 9, 2018

NCR and Grubhub Partner and TABASCO: Still Hot at 150

Aloha FAQs:

Is there an Aloha free trial?

There is no information on an Aloha free trial.

Where can I find the Aloha login?

There are no login options without first purchasing the software.

What are some Aloha alternatives?

Aloha Reviews:



gungadin -

as far as the big network setups I really like Aloha POS, but it is very expensive, around $30k for a new restaurant.

SomeonesPornAlt -

We just switched to Aloha POS system. It's silent and requires me to start/bump every single god damn item. Can't write on tickets, can't rearrange them, can't trade them with the other grill...