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Learn about Aloha Restaurant POS Software. Includes info on Aloha, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on February 26th, 2019

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Aloha is a Restaurant POS Software that offers food preparation and delivery streamlining, table management tools and online ordering, among other features.

Aloha Pricing:

Aloha does not make its pricing options available.

Aloha POS Reviews
Aloha Review:

Pros: Sturdy hardware and intuitive, reliable software.

Cons: Support team is routed to India and hold time can take up to 20 minutes.

Bottomline: Aloha streamlines your restaurant operations and provides a great customer experience.

Aloha Key Information:


Gauteng, South Africa

Phone Number

+2710 595 0002


Unit14, 5 Ateljee Street, Randpark Ridge, Gauteng, South Africa.


Aloha News and Activity:


News and Activity

December 13, 2018

NCR processes first JetPay transactions through Aloha POS platform

January 9, 2018

NCR and Grubhub Partner and TABASCO: Still Hot at 150

Aloha FAQs:

Is there an Aloha free trial?

There is no information on an Aloha free trial.

Where can I find the Aloha login?

There are no login options without first purchasing the software.

What are some Aloha alternatives?

Aloha Reviews:



Deborah Horn -

Boo to Intouch POS. Very dodgy business practices. They take your money without doing any work, or proper authorisation, they slam the phone down on you when asking to speak to John Blignaught and then duck and dive when we ask for our money to be reimbursed immediately. Give them a very big miss, look for another POS system.

Junior Van Wyk -

Excellent service, best advice and won't use anybody else. Big thanks to the crew at in touch for putting my business on the map.

Mark Pascal -

This company said they could incorporate with our existing software and when they couldn't they walked with our deposit. Almost $10,0000. Really?

neccoguy21 -

At the end of the night when we're adjusting our tips, we have to blindly match up each and every ticket to a completely randomly jumbled list of transactions with no rhyme or reason. That adds up to a ton of wasted man hours over a short period of time.There are so many things they could be arranged by. Alphabetically by name, time of transaction, number on card. Hell, I'd even accept amount in tip line or whether it's been adjusted or not. Which would still be random when you start, but would get easier and easier after each one entered.

sike6412 -

The Aloha POS version installed is 6.7.67, but from what I understand is that this version is no longer complaint with credit cards and security (I might be wrong), I asked if they are going to upgrade us to the latest version and the said they are still testing it, and most likely going to charge us for the upgrade. I cant find any solid information online to what version new systems should be shipped with, but we spent an incredible amount of money on this system, and I'm not sure if the information from the vendor is correct.

Valnac -

We're in the process of switching from Micros RES 3700 to Aloha POS. We support around 400 stores with a fairly complex menu and pricing structure. We're having trouble wrapping our heads around how we are going to manage this going forward with the tools and capabilities that NCR provides.