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Updated on July 2nd, 2020

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Domo is a business intelligence platform that uses data to develop visual aids and help business owners track their business operations. With Domo, you can make your business more efficient and start to scale your operations.


Plan Name

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$2,100.00 per user


$3,000.00 per user

Domo Reviews

Pros: Data can be automatically uploaded to the cloud. Data mapping for simplified troubleshooting.

Cons: Infrequent updates.

Bottomline: Domo is a complex and expensive platform that works well but is designed for use in large/enterprise companies.

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Josh James


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What is the price range for Domo software?

Domo has a free version and a Professional plan that costs $5,700.00 per year for up to 5 users. If you go beyond five users, you'll pay between $2,100.00 and $3,000.00 per user per year.

Is there a Domo free trial?

Yes, Domo offers a free trial on their website. To access the free trial, go to their website.

Can I customize the Domo dashboard?

You can modify and customize your Domo dashboard at in order to display the information and tools that you want quick access to.

Is there a Domo Salesforce integration?

You can fully integrate your Salesforce account with your Domo reporting platform in order to draw more insights from your sales pipeline. Domo can extract the sales data from Salesforce and visualize or track it, depending on what you need the data for.

Domo Competitors

What are some alternatives to Domo?

What is Domo BI?

BI stands for "business intelligence" and refers to Domo's data analysis capabilities. Domo business intelligence helps businesses to identify possible areas for improvement in financial, logistical or operational ways.

Can Domo analytics pull data from multiple sources?

Domo can connect directly to over 500 different data sources. These direct connections make it easy to import data from other sources into your Domo Inc. system. Sources include popular platforms like Asana, Basecamp and Amazon Redshift.

Domo Vs Tableau

What are the differences between Domo and Tableau?

Domo can be an expensive platform, particularly for small businesses. Tableau is a more affordable option, but it lacks the complexity of data analysis features and tools that are built into Domo's business intelligence software.