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Updated on April 25th, 2019

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ResourceSpace is a free digital asset management platform. ResourceSpace can be used to store your digital assets in the cloud or on-premise and to curate your brand online. ResourceSpace also has paid versions if you require more storage.

ResourceSpace Pricing:

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ResourceSpace Reviews
ResourceSpace Review:

Pros: A flexible interface that can be adapted to many different uses.

Cons: Setup can be confusing and may even require coding expertise.

Bottomline: ResourceSpace is an affordable digital asset management solution that can scale with your business.

ResourceSpace FAQs:

What is the price range for ResourceSpace?

ResourceSpace does not charge anything for licensing or extra users. However, ResourceSpace does charge users for hosting. Hosting prices start at $3,990.00 per year and go up depending on how much storage space you require. The program is totally free if you are self-hosting.

How do I log into ResourceSpace?

You can log into your ResourceSpace account by going to

Are there any ResourceSpace alternatives?

ResourceSpace News & Activity:

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ResourceSpace Key Information:


Faringdon, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Phone Number

+44 1367 710 245


Unit 52-53 Shrivenham Hundred Business Park, Watchfield, Oxfordshire, SN6 8TY, United Kingdom


ResourceSpace Reviews:



Morphology -

I installed it when we were looking to install a DAM. It was pretty straightforward to install and configure. It seemed fairly good for maintaining catalogues of photos.

Megalan -

I have tried ResourceSpace but its import process is too slow (no less than 1 minute per file) and in-browser viewing is pretty limited.

Tom Gleason -

I think it has become a great program mainly because its creator has gone to great lengths to make the code accessible, documented, and developer-friendly. ResourceSpace benefits from a true open source model, and because of its flexibility I've been able to use it to solve many different kinds of asset management problems. There are lots of helpful community members as well.