Learn more about Airtable. Includes Airtable key information, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on December 29th, 2019

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Airtable is a collaborative database and digital asset management system that lets team members share, design and update multiple projects and workflows using a spreadsheet-like interface.


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Pros: Database functionality in a simple spreadsheet interface.

Cons: There is a learning curve for users with no database experience.

Bottomline: Powerful database software for desktop and mobile devices.

Key Information:

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Howie Liu

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Sep 01, 2012


799 Market Street, San Francisco, California, USA 94103

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What is Airtable

Airtable is a powerful database software application with a user-friendly spreadsheet-like interface.

Can I use Airtable on a Mac?

Yes, an Airtable desktop app is available for Mac and Windows.

Is there an Airtable mobile app?

Yes, there is an Airtable mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

What does Airtable cost?

Airtable's plans range in price from $0.00 to $20 per month.

What are Airtable blocks?

Airtable blocks are advanced formatting and visualization tools that can be used to add collaborative app-like features to a table. This feature is only available for premium plans.

Is there an Airtable free trial?

No, Airtable does not offer a free trial of their software. However, there is a free plan for an unlimited number of users.

Customer Reviews:


Reviewed: Jun 07, 2019

Source: Reddit

Airtable is amazing and the best way to easily get a project started! Thanks so much for this write up!


Reviewed: Sep 06, 2019

Source: Twitter

I am such a huge proponent of @airtable. Over at @MemoirMixtapes it totally replaces any need for an expensive Submittable account. I've got my entire team at work using it too. If you're an editor, give Airtable a shot!


Reviewed: Nov 21, 2018

Source: Reddit

I have been using the free version of airtable ( for awhile now and it is turning out to be a nifty little database.

I is a freemium setup but though I tried the premium I didn't really need any of the features very badly so am happily using the free version.

It is is robust and deep and allows lots of customization of fields and you can link tables.

I now have spending and a tea drinking database and the fodmap diet and still adding more.

Here are a couple screenshots of my Audible library with 2 different views (a view is way of looking at your records).

Once you get it up and running its easy to just add your books as you buy them. I tried having the wishlist in there but it was too much work so I just keep owned books.

We all want Audible to give us more flexibility in cataloguing and sorting but until them this works well and it is very customizable.


Reviewed: Sep 05, 2019

Source: Twitter

A quick tweetstorm about @airtable, one of my favorite tools in a long time. I only discovered it late last year (thanks to @therobfoster), but have made more use of it than I ever thought possible. It's like spreadsheets meets databases, and I find it a joy to use.


Reviewed: Sep 04, 2019

Source: Twitter

@airtable is the biggest productivity powerhouse I’ve ever used. It takes a little database experience to use, but it’s incredibly intuitive. Highly recommended for people with projects to track. They have iOS, Android, and browser applications.