Lifter LMS Reviews

Learn about Lifter LMS learning management system for small businesses. Includes info on Lifter LMS, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

5 min read • Last updated on December 11th, 2018

Lifter is a learning management system (LMS) plugin created for WordPress. The system transforms a website into a comprehensive online learning platform that improves course engagement and learner results. Features include course builders, multimedia lessons, assignments, and discussion areas.

Lifter LMS Pricing:

Plan Name


Universe Bundle


Infinity Bundle


Alternative Infinity Bundle



$99.00+ /Year

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17% off.


15% off.

Lifter LMS Key Information:


Chris Badgett, Thomas Levy




California, United States


Chris Badgett

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Lifter LMS FAQs:

What is Lifter LMS's price range?

Lifter LMS has one monthly plan that can be purchased for $99.00. However, if you want a yearly plan, prices can range between $299.00 and $999.00. Additional add-on features will cost $99.00+ a year.

Is there a Lifter LMS free trial?

No, Lifter LMS does not offer a free trial. However, users can request a 30-day free demo. To access the demo, go to and click '30 Day Demo' in the top right corner of the homepage.

Where can I find the Lifter LMS login?

Go to and click on the animated avatar in the right corner of the homepage main menu.

Reviews of Lifter LMS:




Shawn H.


We were absolutely thrilled to have finally discovered LifterLMS, a powerful (and free) learning management plugin for WordPress. Not only was it the first plugin that checked all the boxes for our needs, but it also quickly became apparent that the creators truly share our passion for online education.

Joost DW.


We’re so far very happy with LifterLMS, being the coders that we are ourselves we did make some changes that we contributed back, and the LifterLMS team was quick to approve and merge those. Open source as open source should be, we love it!”

Karin M.


We love to work with LifterLMS. It is easy to use, as well for the course creator as the end user. LifterLMS made creating courses online a pleasure.

Cindi G.


I found LifterLMS and after creating a simple outline and filling in the items in the outline with a WordPress post, I had a working course. Just like that!

Jasmine P.


LifterLMS has a clean, intuitive interface that was easy to set up. I host my Twitter Class on it, and it was much easier putting it together than working with other eLearning software, and I love that I have it on my already existing site.