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Learn about Lifter LMS learning management system for small businesses. Includes info on Lifter LMS, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on February 25th, 2019

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Lifter is a learning management system (LMS) plugin created for WordPress. The system transforms a website into a comprehensive online learning platform that improves course engagement and learner results. Features include course builders, multimedia lessons, assignments, and discussion areas.

Lifter LMS Pricing:

Plan Name


Alternative Infinity Bundle



$99.00+ /Year

Universe Bundle


Infinity Bundle


Lifter Lms
Lifter LMS Review:

Pros: Intuitive and easy to use. Good support team. Features are basic and simple.

Cons: Need more robust features. The implementation process requires additional learning.

Bottomline: Solid option! Offers basic features that get the job done. UI is instinctive and user-friendly.

Lifter LMS Key Information:


Chris Badgett, Thomas Levy




California, United States


Chris Badgett

Number of Enrollments


Number of Downloads



Lifter LMS FAQs:

What is Lifter LMS's price range?

Lifter LMS has one monthly plan that can be purchased for $99.00. However, if you want a yearly plan, prices can range between $299.00 and $999.00. Additional add-on features will cost $99.00+ a year.

Is there a Lifter LMS free trial?

No, Lifter LMS does not offer a free trial. However, users can request a 30-day free demo. To access the demo, go to and click '30 Day Demo' in the top right corner of the homepage.

What are some Lifter LMS alternatives?

Where can I find the Lifter LMS login?

Go to and click on the animated avatar in the right corner of the homepage main menu.

Reviews of Lifter LMS:



Ferdinand Göldner -

That is just amazing! I love fiddling with Wordpress and Code but I can totally see a lot of people being overwhelmed by that!

cursoderobotica -

This tools are amazing Lifter LMS and using Astra make my courses more easy to follow for my students! thank you

Devendra Bisht -

One of the best e-learning solution for WordPress platform.