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Updated on February 20th, 2019

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Google Photos is a free digital asset management tool from Google. With Google Photos, you can store and organize your photos securely in the cloud. Google Photos is also a convenient way to back up your photos if they are stored on a single device.

Google Photos Pricing:

Storage Limit

Monthly Price







Google Photos Reviews
Google Photos Review:

Pros: User-friendly interface that integrates well with mobile devices.

Cons: Storage is not unlimited for large images (greater than 16 megapixels).

Bottomline: A reliable photo storage/management solution that most Google users will feel comfortable with.

GooglePhotos FAQs:

What is the price range for Google Photos?

Google Photos is free for up to 15GB of storage. Beyond that, you can pay up to $9.99 per month for 2TB of storage.

Is there a Google Photos free trial?

There is no free trial, but you can access the free version for an unlimited length of time.

How do I log into my Google Photos account?

You can access the Google Photos login page by going to

Are there any Google Photos alternatives?

Google Photos News & Activity:


News or Activity

December 20, 2018

Google Photos Doubles Limit for Live Albums

December 16, 2018

Google Photos No Longer Offers Unlimited Storage for Unsupported Video Formats

December 3, 2018

Google Photos Express Backup Option will Allow You to Save Data Whilst Backing Up Pictures

September 5, 2018

Google Photos 4.0 Rolling out w/ Google Material Theme

May 21, 2018

Google Photos now has a Favourites Feature

Google Photos Reviews:



onslaught86 -

Google Photos is a phenomenal service, and a terrible gallery app.

Madhumanti Patil -

I have been using Google Photos for a couple of years now, and I’m quite impressed with what it can do.

lex_jenkins -

Mostly I like Google Photos because it keeps at least a moderate resolution copy of every photo from my hard drive (based on folders I've authorized Picasa/Google Photos to sync - I don't sync all folders).