Top 10 Professional Email Address Providers

Learn more about the best professional email address companies along with pricing and frequently asked questions.

Updated on July 11th, 2019

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A professional email address features your company name and allows you to communicate with employees and clients. Businesses usually set up an email address when they register for a domain name or company website.

Best Professional Email Address Providers:

Our Rank


Minimum Price



$8.00 per user /mo.


iCloud Mail

$0.99 for 50GB.


G Suite / Gmail

$5.00 per user /mo.





InterMedia Exchange Email

$7.49 per user /mo.


Microsoft Outlook

$6.99 per user /mo.


Zoho Mail

$1.00 per user /mo (billed annually).



$4.99 per user /mo.



$2.00 per user /mo.




What is a professional email address?

A professional email address has a business name in it and allows businesses to communicate with employees and clients. This sort of email address is seen as professional and legit.

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How do I get a professional email address?

  1. Sign up for an account with one of the email providers listed above.
  2. Verify your domain.
  3. Change mail record with your domain provider.
  4. Establish your business email addresses.
  5. Establish email forwarding (Optional).

It's important to note that processes may change depending on the email provider you choose.

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What is the best professional email?

We recommend ProtonMail, G Suite / Gmail, and Microsoft Outlook.

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What is the price range of a business email address?

Business email addresses range between $0.00 and $8.00 per user per month for a cloud-hosted email address.

Why should I use a professional email address?

Although nothing stops you from using a personal email address, it is more professional to use a business email address to make it easier for customers to identify your brand. Emails from a company email address stand a better chance of being opened and read by your clients than one from a private Gmail or Hotmail account. Many private emails also end up in spam folders which is unlikely to occur with a custom email address.

What is email hosting?

Email hosting refers to internet hosting companies that run email servers for their clients. Many hosting companies offer basic webmail with custom domains as well as premium email services.

What type of features does a custom email address include?

Custom email plans typically include online storage, add-free emails, and IMAP/POP access which allows you to access your email from more than one device. With a professional email address, you can also sort emails into custom folders and forward messages to the appropriate departments.