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Updated on November 3rd, 2022

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Email finders are used to locate email addresses online. If you need to email someone whose email address is not readily available, you can use an email finder to comb through web data and locate or decipher an email address.

Why We Chose Voila Norbert:

Voila Norbert is an efficient email finder and verification solution that validates email addresses, removes duplicates, and filters out inactive and invalid addresses.

Voila Norbert is easy to use, provides accurate results, and offers several useful integrations, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Mailchimp.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Email Finder Software:

  1. Read reviews and take advantage of free trials to evaluate the processing speed and accuracy of results.
  2. Determine whether the program can integrate with your existing CRM and email marketing tools.
  3. Research whether there are data protection laws you need to consider. For example, if your target market or leads are in the EU, you will have to comply with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Best Email Finder Software:





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Voila Norbert

$0.10 /lead.

User-friendly software that produces accurate results. Offers useful integrations.

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$5.00 /mo.

Effective email finding tool with a gentle learning curve.

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$99.00 /mo.

Easy-to-use, solid tool. Does not have multi-user capabilities for teams.

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$19.00 /mo.

Accurate email finder and verification service with speedy processing.

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$52.00 /mo.

Outreach and prospecting software with an email finder tool. Easy to use.

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How do I find an email address for a person?

You can use an email finder software to search for email addresses. We recommend Voila Norbert, Vocus, and NinjaOutreach. All three solutions offer an array of features that help comb through web data and decipher an email address.

How do I find a company email address?

We recommend Voila Norbert,, and Clearbit. All three options offer a range of tools that help search through web data and locate an email address.

How do I find an email address for someone for free?

There are several good free email finder software options. We recommend Hunter and FindThatEmail email finder software.

Can I use email finding software to find an email address by name?

Most email finder software solutions allow you to perform a name search that will help you locate the email address of the individual that you would like to contact. Some programs also ask you to input a corporate domain name so that they can locate a business email address.

You can legally use tools to find an email address and contact people, even if their address is hard to find. To be safe, research any data protection and privacy laws that may apply, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union.