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Updated on April 22nd, 2019

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Rackspace is a professional email platform for small businesses. With Rackspace email hosting, users can have secure, professional email addresses for a low monthly price.

Rackspace Pricing:

Plan Name

Monthly Price


$2.00 /user.


$3.50 /user.

Add Archiving

$6.50 /user.

Rackspace Reviews
Rackspace Review:

Pros: A reliable email platform that is very affordable for small businesses.

Cons: Domain management can be complicated and confusing.

Bottomline: Rackspace is a dependable email hosting service one you become accustomed to how it works.

Rackspace FAQs:

What is Rackspace's price range?

Rackspace's monthly plans range in price from $2.00 to $6.50.

Is there a Rackspace free trial?

Yes. You can sign up for a free 2-week trial at rackspace.com.

Where it the Rackspace login?

You can log into your Rackspace account by going to rackspace.com and clicking "Log In."

Are there any Rackspace alternatives?

Rackspace News & Activity:


News or Activity

November 30, 2018

Rackspace Sees Success, Growth from New Channel Strategy, Program

November 5, 2018

Rackspace partners with VMware to deliver the ‘future of multi-cloud’

August 29, 2018

Rackspace is reinventing itself beyond commoditized Web Hosting

July 12, 2018

Rackspace named as one of the first Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Providers

June 13, 2018

Rackspace starts renting its rack space

Rackspace Key Information:


Richard Yoo, Dirk Elmendorf, Patrick Condon, Morris Miller, Graham Weston




San Antonia, Texas

Number of Employees

5,001-10,000 employees


Joe Eazor

Phone Number

1 (844) 747-5256


1 Fanatical Place, City of Windcrest, San Antonio, TX 78218



Rackspace Reviews:



Patrick - webhostingtalk.com

We use RackSpace for email and I'm also feeling "iffy" about their service lately.I feel like some people are not getting our emails and have also noticed some server notices were received by RackSpace but not delivered to my account. (Yes, I did ensure that spam filtering was disabled and it wasn't routed somewhere else within our account.) The whole thing is making us nervous as we rely heavily upon email always being available, especially with some of our bigger clients... we are going to be hosting it in house again as a result.

MisterG - lowendtalk.com

We have been using them for over 2 years without any issues. I have one client who has over 2000 mailboxes and a number of smaller clients with just a few. Their support has been great and answers questions quickly. I have not seen any outages that I know of. A lot of users do like their web client and they just added an SMS recovery for passwords. That has helped.