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Learn about NetCrunch network management software for small businesses. Includes info on NetCrunch, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on February 25th, 2019

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NetCrunch is an on-premise network monitoring software created by Adrem Software. With NetCrunch, users have access to an all-in-one software capable of monitoring all devices in their network. Features include advanced layer-2 mapping, automatic alert correlation, and performance tracking.

NetCrunch Pricing:

Plan Name

Yearly Pricing

NetCrunch for SNMP Devices


NetCrunch Performance Monitor


NetCrunch for Network Infrastructure


NetCrunch Monitoring Suite


NetCrunch Review:

Pros: Powerful monitoring tool equipped with key features. The UI is simple, clean, and easy to navigate.

Cons: Inventory features need improvement. Customer support has limited hours.

Bottomline: Good tool! Offers robust features with a user-friendly and easy to understand UI.

NetCrunch Key Information:


Tomasz Kunicki




New York, United States


Tomasz Kunicki

Parent Company

Adrem Software


1 (212) 319-4114


375 Park Avenue, Suite 2607, New York NY 10152, United States


NetCrunch FAQs:

What is NetCrunch's price range?

NetCrunch plans range from $1,450.00 to $7,460.00 per year. If you want a customized plan, you can contact to get a quote.

Is there a NetCrunch free trial?

No, NetCrunch does not offer a free trial.

What are some NetCrunch alternatives?

Where can I find the NetCrunch login?

NetCrunch does not offer a login option.

Reviews of NetCrunch:



NetCrunch_SE -

NetCrunch definitely offers a more mature, more scalable, easier to maintain, data-open product.

Michał Kazimierz Rojek -

I like to recommend NetCrunch. It can run corrective actions like restarting a service, rebooting a machine, or running a script. Say your CRM app goes down, NetCrunch can restart if for you automatically. If after 5 minutes the problem isn't resolved, it can reboot the server on which it is running. If that still hasn't solved the issue, then you can be informed via e-mail or SMS.

jaredljennings -

I recommend NetCrunch by Adrem Software. It's extremely nice software and works very well.

jason8 -

Very nice and smooth UI. I have used many network monitoring suites over the years and this one DOES NOT look like or act like it was built with Visual Basic 6, back in the late 1990's, and never updated like so many of these utilize often suffer from. Super simple to add/edit alerts to nodes. Nice 'tooltips' and built-in tutorial.

SMIF9558 -

Simple install, clean interface, detected all devices on first try, returned lots of data on our devices.