Free Mobile Device Management

Learn about the best free mobile device management solutions for small businesses and discover information about free offers. Includes FAQs.

Updated on January 31st, 2023

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Free mobile device management (MDM) tools allow businesses to track, monitor and manage mobile devices through their IT department. Free MDM solutions are optimal in small businesses where each employee is granted the use of a company phone or another mobile device.

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Why We Chose Miradore Online:

Miradore Online supports an unlimited number of devices, including Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows 10. It also has excellent customer service with email and chat support as well as a knowledge base and community support.

Miradore Online offers its full range of security features with its free version. This includes device encryption, lost mode, and remote locking or erasing of the device. It also offers customizable configurations.

Miradore Online has received many positive customer reviews. For more features, users can upgrade to paid versions at just $1.00 or $2.00 per device per month.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Free Mobile Device Management Tools:

  1. Some MDM solutions do not support all mobile device operating systems so be sure to check for the operating systems you need.
  2. You'll want a company that can check for required security products and offer some enforcement of password policies.
  3. Since your employees will be accessing business data through their mobile phones, you will want some form of access control features in place to authenticate the user trying to access your business data.

Best Free Mobile Device Management Solutions:





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Miradore Online

Free and paid options.

It is easy to track devices but there are some issues when attempting to enroll devices.

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Limited free trial.

Easy to use and reliable with constant improvements being made but it can be difficult to navigate.

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Free 30-day trial.

Intuitive software with a wide range of support options. Only supports English.

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Limited free trial.

Features a great dashboard with 2-factor authentication but it does not support Flash logins.

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Are there any free Android MDM solutions?

Miradore Online is a free MDM solution that you can use with either Android or iOS devices. If you are searching for either an iOS MDM that is free or an Android MDM that is free, Miradore is likely the only option that is truly free for an unlimited length of time.

Why can't I find more free mobile device management software options?

Our research indicates that most "free" options on the market are only available for a limited length of time, such as a 30-day trial. This may be because software providers do not design MDM platforms to be used by individuals and small teams in "Freemium" versions.

What are the best free mobile device management options?