Best Location Intelligence Software for 2020

Find out about the best location intelligence software for 2020. Includes pricing and frequently asked questions.

Updated on June 29th, 2020

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Updated 19th of December 2019

Added a list of pros and cons, and several things to consider when evaluating location intelligence software.

Location intelligence software, also known as spatial intelligence software, provides location analysis using real-time location data. Users can customize maps and learn about consumer traffic, demographics, and optimal transport routes for specific geographic areas to inform decisions about business operations, logistics, and site selection.

Why We Chose ArcGIS, CARTO, and MapInfo Pro:

ArcGIS is a powerful and reputable location intelligence platform that offers an excellent range of features and intuitive tools for effectively collecting, mapping, and analyzing data. Users can build interactive maps that make data easier to understand and incorporate dynamic data that shows live feeds of current weather and traffic conditions. Users can upload their own data, import a wide variety of file formats, and enrich it with demographic and lifestyle information.

CARTO has convenient integrations with popular tools like Gmail and Salesforce. In addition, CARTO allows you to visualize and modify your data within the cloud to save time and make all of your projects more accessible.

MapInfo Pro has a user-friend layout that makes it easy to start analyzing your spatial data. The software is equipped with over 350 datasets to help enrich your mapping and analytics. A free 30-day trial is available for new users who would like to test out MapInfo Pro.

Things to Consider When Choosing Location Intelligence Software:

  1. The ability to create dynamic and interactive maps is useful for making data easier to understand and explain.
  2. Look for platforms that can integrate with your BI software and check what types of file formats can be imported.
  3. Some platforms require users to have data science experience. Check whether the platform will be easy to learn and use by the individuals who will be working with it.

Best Location Intelligence Software:





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Contact for price.

Powerful location intelligence tool with a wide range of features, including data preparation and collaboration tools.

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$199.00 /mo.

Comprehensive location intelligence platform with a good user interface.

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MapInfo Pro

Contact for price

User-friendly and feature-rich tool ideal for georeferencing. Compatible with numerous operating systems.

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$5,195.00 /user /yr.

Comprehensive location intelligence solution. Includes automated workflow tools and insightful data mapping.

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Contact for price.

Solid location intelligence platform with key features.

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$250.00 /45-day pass.

Intuitive and user-friendly mapping software. Includes location tracking and data visualization tools.

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Magnify - Gadberry Group

Contact for price.

Offers a range of useful features. Easy to use.

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€99.00 /mo.

Powerful location planning tool for gaining instant insights. Includes interactive map with data filters.

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Contact for price.

Efficient network planning tool suitable for a range of industries, from banking to childcare. Easy to use.

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Contact for price.

Feature-packed software that offers location intelligence for business locations in North America.

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User-friendly and scalable software with a wide range of features. Suitable for retail, real estate, and FMCG businesses.

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Pros and Cons:


  • Turn raw location data into actionable insights.
  • Easily visualize geographical information.
  • Identify patterns in a complex data set in just minutes.


  • Generally more expensive than other subscription-based software.
  • Location intelligence tools can be complicated for new users.


What is location intelligence software?

Location intelligence software is a business intelligence software that uses real-time location data to provide insights about consumer traffic, demographics, optimal transport routes, and more in relation to a specific geographic location.

What are the best location intelligence software solutions?