Floreant POS

Learn more about Floreant POS with a key information table, pricing information and frequently asked questions.

Updated on November 8th, 2023

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Floreant POS is a free and open-source point of sale software solution for businesses. Floreant can be adapted to businesses of all sizes.

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Used by more than 2 million businesses.

Robust reporting.

Custom invoices.


Floreant is a totally free, open-source platform.

Floreant Pos

Pros: Works offline. Connects directly to a kitchen display system. Supports Microsoft and Dell tablets.

Cons: Not designed for retail use.

Bottomline: Floreant is an agile POS system for restaurants and fast-food locations.

Key Information:




Lexington, SC


1509 Johnson Ferry Rd Ste T6, Marietta GA 30062

Phone Number

+1 800-844-6603




How do I download Floreant POS?

To download the latest version of Floreant, go to their website and click "Download Latest Build Now!"

What operating systems does Floreant POS work with?

Floreant can be used with Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

How do I contact Floreant POS support?

You can contact the Floreant POS support team by calling 1 (800) 844-6603, or sending an email to support@orocube.net.

Where is the Floreant POS login?

You need to download the Floreant POS software in order to log into your account.

Are there any alternatives to Floreant POS?