Learn more about uniCenta POS software with a key information table, pricing information and frequently asked questions.

Updated on February 8th, 2023

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uniCenta is a popular free POS system. The uniCenta platform is open-source, so developers and programmers in your organization can make changes to the software and customize it to suit your business.


At the moment, uniCenta is available for free. However, paid plug-ins may be available soon.

uniCenta Reviews

Pros: Works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Cloud and local hosting options.

Cons: Information on the website and user reviews suggest that the platform has not been updated recently.

Bottomline: UniCenta has many features that are found with other free POS systems, but it lacks the regular updates that an active business may need.

Key Information:


Jack Gerrard




Jack Gerrard

Phone Number

+44 20 3051 8601




Even though uniCenta is free, do I need to obtain a software license?

There is no licensing for uniCenta POS. You can install the software on as many computers as you want for an unlimited period of time.

Is uniCenta available in different languages?

Yes, uniCenta can be used in 17 different languages.

How do I contact uniCenta support?

uniCenta does not have a support phone number or email address, but there is a support forum for customers. You can visit the forum by going to their website

Are there any alternatives to uniCenta?