View FAX.PLUS's online fax service for your business. Includes info on FAX.PLUS, free trials,review, pricing, and FAQs.

Updated on July 15th, 2019

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FAX.PLUS by Alohi SA is an online fax service that enables users to receive and send faxes from computers and mobile devices securely. FAX.PLUS is available across multiple platforms, and is used by businesses of all sizes.


Plan Name

Annual Pricing

Monthly Pricing






$5.99 per month



$11.99 per month



$19.99 per month



$59.99 per month


Pros: Great document optimization and superb scheduled faxing features.

Cons: FAX.PLUS charges a fee for retrying a failed fax attempt, although the first retry is free.

Bottomline: Fantastic online fax platform that enables businesses to securely manage fax processes from various devices.

Key Information:


Alireza Ghasemzadeh




Geneva, Switzerland

Number of Employees


Number of Customers

More than 200,000


Alireza Ghasemzadeh


Chemin du Pré-Fleuri 3, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva Switzerland


+41 22 518 55 77




Is FAX.PLUS safe?

FAX.PLUS is an incredibly secure platform that uses high-grade SSL so your documents are transmitted encrypted by creating a secure tunnel protected by 128-bit or higher AES encryption.

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What is FAX.PLUS?

FAX.PLUS is an online fax platform that enables businesses to send and receive faxes through various devices reliably and efficiently.

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How much does it cost to use FAX.PLUS?

FAX.PLUS will cost your business between $4.99 and $ 59.99 per month, and also has a free plan available.

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What are the main features of FAX.PLUS?

  • Worldwide Coverage.
  • Secure & Reliable Transmissions.
  • Optimize Documents for Fax Transmission.
  • Advanced Confirmation Report.
  • Phonebook.
  • Scheduled Faxing.
  • Extension Dialing.
  • Send Fax to Human Operated Fax Machines.
  • Fax Thumbnail in Archive.
  • Online Signature.

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What platforms does FAX.PLUS integrate with?

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Is there a FAX.PLUS mobile app?

Yes. FAX.PLUS has mobile apps available for Android and iPhone users that can be accessed from Google Play and the App Store respectively.

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Does FAX.PLUS store my faxes?

Yes. FAX.PLUS has an archiving feature where all faxes that are sent and received are stored in a fully encrypted archive.

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Does FAX.PLUS allow me to fax to multiple recipients?

Yes. You can fax one document to multiple recipients with FAX.PLUS's Mass Faxing feature.

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Is there a FAX.PLUS free trial?

You can try the FAX.PLUS free plan.

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What are some FAX.PLUS alternatives?

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