Datio POS Reviews

Discover Datio POS's point of sale (POS) system for small businesses. Includes info on Datio POS, free trials, reviews, pricing, and FAQs.

Updated on November 18th, 2019

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Datio POS is an iPad-based point of sale (POS) solution for small food and beverage outlets, and other retail businesses. A Datio POS system includes a cash drawer, printer, scanner, and credit card reader. With this POS, sales reporting can be viewed from any device.


Plan Name

Monthly Pricing

Single Terminal


Additional Terminal

$10.00 each

Datio POS Reviews

Pros: Good customer support. Affordable solution.

Cons: You may have to replace it as your business grows. Does not run on Android or mobile phones.

Bottomline: Simple, easy-to-use, intuitive POS system for small businesses.

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Mountain View, CA


(1) 408-643-0990






Beth A. Freer - amazon.com

I read every single review and was still prepared for a sales pitch. What I received was some of the best customer service I have ever had. I explained what I needed, and Jon assisted me to navigate through the app and how to use it. I was worried that again I would be stuck uploading all of my inventory, instead this company had all of my inventory uploaded within 24 hours. I had an iPad working as a cash register, and within 48 hours of initial phone call this equipment came. My staff love the ease of the program and it was by far the smoothest. I honestly think this can be attributed to their beyond fast customer service. I have never had to wait on hold, leave a message, or not receive a text back. I had my own credit card processor with what I feel are good rates, but I received one from their card processor. If this company can match or beat my current card processor, I am switching. I have even mentioned to the company that I would gladly speak to anyone who is skeptical. This is the real deal at a super price!

Kathleen Schultz - amazon.com

This register and POS were the best purchases I have made for our new store! Very easy to learn and figure out how to use. The best support service anyone could ask for as well. I've only called twice for technical support, and talked to a real person. I even got some extra informational hints and suggestions. Can't ask for more.

Charlie Perdue - amazon.com

After shopping for many, many systems, and even downloading other software on a trial basis, we decided on Datio POS. Not only was it relatively inexpensive compared to others, but the simplicity of the system made it very attractive–anyone can use this system! All this being said, our biggest (and best) surprise was the product development. We had no idea we would be getting this with Datio! We deal directly with the owner of the company, and his program design team to customize the software for our needs. It’s amazing that we can get this level of customer service!!! My wife and I re-opened a 140-year-old general store (which houses dozens of antique vendors) and the Datio team customized the software to accommodate our needs. With these changes, I can foresee Datio POS becoming a dominant POS in the antiquing industry. They were the first system that I could find to offer a cloud-based POS, iPad-based system that accommodates the antiquing and consignment industries.

Peyton - amazon.com

Love the system! Super easy to use for my bar, and the customer service is great! They answer and help so quickly!

Jamie Kwiggs - amazon.com

This is a great system. I own a small business and it is a perfect fit. Easy set up and configuration. This really has helped me transform my business. If you are looking to go to an all in one POS system, I highly recommend this unit. You will not be disappointed.


What is Datio POS's price range?

Datio POS costs $49.00 per month if your business uses one terminal and an additional $10.00 per terminal per month thereafter.

Is there a free trial for Datio POS?

Yes, you can try the Datio POS app for free until you are ready to use it for your business. Datio POS's pricing page contains more info.