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Updated on July 2nd, 2019

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ProLaw, a product of Thomson Reuters, is a legal practice management service that aids in the streamlining of legal work, offers a range of application integration and facilitates remote working.


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ProLaw Reviews

Pros: Great time-billing system and easy-to-use accounting tools.

Cons: No integration capability with Dropbox and GDrive, and no SMS Reminder feature.

Bottomline: ProLaw simplifies the legal administrative process, saving your business valuable time.

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Ray Kingman




Los Angeles, CA

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James Smith


800 Corporate Pointe, Suite 150, Los Angeles, CA 90230

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+1 424 243 2100


News and Activity:


News and Activity

January 23, 2018

Latest Release of Market-leading Platform Includes Multiple Product Enhancements

December 10, 2018

Newest Version Delivers Greater Efficiency and Time Savings as Well as Updates to ProLaw Paperless Proforma




IT_SuperSlave -

The two law firms i support use prolaw and needles.Pro law support is really good and they handle prettymuch all backend work. Needles seems to have more support tickets from users..

new2london -

I've used ProLaw. It was decent. No idea what the licence price was. Not my concern. It integrated well with Word. It had effectively no precedent management system though, which is a real deal killer.

hemlocky_ergot -

We would be migrating from Prolaw. (Anyone reading this, I would not suggest Prolaw, it's expensive, it's old fashioned, it's hard to use for non-tech savvy attorneys and staff, the project managers were essentially useless, and the migration cost us tens of thousands of dollars).

jeantx -

I have only used Prolaw aside from PM, though. and Prolaw wasn't so great at billing/creating invoices, etc.

flawless_fille -

I absolutely love ProLaw. I used to work at a small firm that didn't really have software to generate forms/templates, although right before I left we did get billing software. It didn't really fix the problem of attorneys forgetting to enter their time though. Prolaw is great though if you frequently use the same letters, forms, etc. It really cuts down on admin/paralegal time.


ProLaw legal software is a case law management and accounting software package designed for law firms and some government agencies.

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ProLaw does not offer information about its price plans.

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ProLaw does not currently offer a free trial.

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