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Discover Filevine's case management software for your law firm. Includes info on Filevine, reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on February 28th, 2019

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Filevine is case management software designed specifically for plaintiff's attorneys. As law firms function differently, Filevine is designed to be customizable and assists users in building new case-type templates, designing automatic workflows, and receiving customized reports on schedules.

Filevine Pricing:

Filevine does not provide pricing information on their website.

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Filevine Review:

Pros: Customizable. Information accessible on the go. Good customer support.

Cons: Setup is not easy. Does not autosave information.

Bottomline: This solution revolutionizes communication between you and your clients, assistants and paralegals.

Filevine Key Information:


Ryan Anderson, Jim Blake, Nathan Morris




Provo, Utah


Ryan Anderson

Number of Employees



1 (801) 657-5228


244 W 300 S, Provo, Utah, 84601


Filevine FAQs:

Is there a Filevine free trial?

No, but Filevine offers free demos.

Where can I find the Filevine login?

Visit and log in at the top right of the page.

What are some Filevine alternatives?

Filevine News & Activity:


News or Activity

January 29, 2018

Filevine Announces Major Customer Milestone And $8.3M Series A Funding

May 9, 2018

Filevine Announces Periscope

Filevine Reviews:



Svanlaw -

We use Filevine and my case managers have a hard time handling a large volume of cases.

Garzalaw -

We just purchased Filevine (it's specifically for PI, but can be tweaked) and I'm in love. This is everything the other software is not.

Higgs-Bosun -

Director of PI division at large firm here: I like Filevine.