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Learn about TimeMatters case study management for businesses. Includes info on TimeMatters, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on April 18th, 2019

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TimeMatters is a case management software developed by LexisNexis. The software successfully leverages simple practice management software to inspire teamwork on projects, streamline internal processes, and improve growth.

TimeMatters Pricing:

TimeMatters offers one monthly plan of $39.00 per user. For more pricing information, users can contact the company's support department at 1 (866) 448-5871.

TimeMatters Reviews
TimeMatters Review:

Pros: Customizable to meet your needs. Robust features that help with legal processes. Good customer support.

Cons: Big learning curve. Mobile app needs improvements.

Bottomline: Good, customizable option! Feature-packed with good tools. However, there is a steep learning curve.

TimeMatters Key Information:


Robert Butler, Kevin Stilwell




New York, United States


Mike Walsh

Parent Company



1 (866) 448-5871



TimeMatters FAQs:

Is there a TimeMatters free trial?

No, TimeMatters does not offer a free trial. However, users can go to software.lexisnexis.com/timematters and request a free demo.

What are some TimeMatters alternatives?

Where can I find the TimeMatters login?

TimeMatters does not offer a login option.

TimeMatters News & Activity:


News or Activity

February 6, 2019

Michael Breslin Named Federal Law Enforcement Client Relations Director at TimeMatters Parent Company LexisNexis.

January 30, 2019

TimeMatters Parent Company LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Partners with QuadraMed® to Prevent Patient Identification Errors.

May 24, 2018

LexisNexis announces Time Matters Go.

Reviews of TimeMatters:



guyfromtn - reddit.com

With TM, nothing surprises me. It's been a pain in my tail from day one when I took over an attorney. And whatever you do, don't ever let support lapse. They will bend you over a barrel. We finally moved away from TM and went to MyCase. I didn't have any input in the decision, but I'm not about to try and get 10 women to all agree on something so if they did it on their own then great.

SellingCoach - reddit.com

Time Matters was engineered by Satan himself. One of our clients has it and it causes a ton of trouble.

Tom Baxter - facebook.com

Our firm has been using Time Matters software for well over 15 years. Within the past year at least three users have experienced an inability to start Time Matters and have received an error message that a DLL file (specifically dten600.dll) is missing. This has required the removal and reinstallation of time matter software on the particular computer. Because we are not IT people, all of this requires us to contact support@Time Matters. It also ties up whoever happens to have that particular computer in their office (twice it was me within the past week) for about 30 minutes. We have been told that there is a known issue with the antivirus software that we use – Web Root and have been told that we need to go in and place some ""exclusions"". Our contract IT people have done that – we still get the error code. It looks like to me that if there is a known problem the problem is with Time Matters.

David Robbins - facebook.com

I had Time Matters for a number of years. I dutifully performed backups on an outboard drive. When my computer crashed and I tried to access my contacts and Calendar (which had been saved over a period of many years), they were not preserved. When I addressed this with TM, I was told that the ""BackUp"" function did not save that data. I lost many years worth of important data (at least important to me) and despite my answering surveys and speaking to various reps, TM offered no help and no effort to make this right. Paying annually for this type of ""service"" defies good sense.