Business Security Camera Software

Learn more about security camera software for small businesses. Includes pricing and frequently asked questions about security software.

Updated on January 30th, 2023

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Security camera software is a type of program that allows you to transform a computer into a surveillance system for home security or to monitor a small business. The software works with webcams and IP cameras and sends out alerts when motion is detected.

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Why We Chose Genius Vision NVR:

Genius Vision NVR offers a great feature selection, including full remote control, software motion detection, mobile apps, the capability to export video to ACI, and visual tampering detection.

Genius Vision NVR is an affordable solution for businesses of any size and supports a wide array and number of cameras.

Things to Consider When Evaluating Business Security Camera Software:

  1. Look at the selection of features and which functions can be configured to evaluate whether these will accommodate your surveillance and security needs.
  2. Consider which cameras and operating systems you need the software to work with.
  3. Check how many cameras can be monitored and what the storage requirements are.

Best Security Camera Software for Small Business:





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Genius Vision NVR

From $75.00 /license.

Offers great resolution, a selection of convenient features, and is compatible with an array of cameras.

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$10.00 /installation

Completely free, easy to use, available in multiple languages, and offers an array of useful features.

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From $7.95 /mo.

Feature-rich open source software that works with existing webcams, IP cameras, and microphones.

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Free software for Foscam HD Cameras and NVR Kits. Offers limited features and integrations.

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Cam Wizard


Easy to use. Offers an array of handy features, but has low video quality.

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DeskShare Webcam Monitor

$69.95 /license.

Free, user-friendly, and supports more than 2,200 camera models, but offers limited features.

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Camera Viewer Pro


Free, easy to use, and offers a selection of useful features.

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Ivideon Server


Supports an unlimited number of security cameras and is compatible with multiple operating systems.

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User-friendly interface with a limited selection of features.

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Free, open-source software compatible with standard and IP-based cameras.

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Can any DVR work with security cameras?

No. Some DVRs won't be compatible with all security cameras. This could depend on who the manufacturer is. Moreover, DVRs require analog cameras, while NVRs use IP cameras.

What is the price range of computer security software?

Computer security software pricing ranges from free to $69.95 per license.

How does internet security software work?

Security camera software (also known as video management software), is a surveillance system that enables live streaming and video recording via a webcam or security cameras. The software is installed and configured on a PC. When motion is detected, the webcam security camera will automatically start recording and alert the owner.

When you leave the premises you will be able to monitor your business or home from a mobile device or web browser. With this particular security camera system, you do not need an NVR to capture and store video footage.

Business Security Camera Software

How many cameras can be monitored simultaneously?

Video management systems allow you to connect as many webcams, microphones, and security cameras as you want. Certain camera systems, like Sentry Vision, are only compatible with webcams.

Can I schedule my cameras to start recording at a certain time?

Yes, you can schedule your webcam and security cameras to start and stop recording at any time of the day or week.

What happens if the power is cut?

If you lose power, your computer will shut down, but all recordings are sent to a remote FTP server to review later. In addition, battery-powered IP cameras do not require a power supply to work and will continue to record.

Are there any free options?

Yes, a number of companies offer free security camera software solutions.

Business Security Camera Software

What are the different functions that can be configured?

  • Motion and sound detection.
  • Record movement.
  • Remote commands.
  • Talk function.
  • Text-to-speech.
  • Desktop capturing.
  • Snapshots.
  • Email and SMS alerts.
  • Unlimited camera setup.
  • Live streaming.
  • Upload videos to Dropbox and Google Drive.