Cam Wizard Pricing, News, and FAQs

Learn about Cam Wizard's CCTV surveillance camera system for small businesses. Includes info on CCTV surveillance camera system, free trials, and pricing.

Updated on November 18th, 2019

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Cam Wizard is CCTV monitoring software for small businesses. Features include time schedule, motion detection, video emails, and recording to hard drive. Businesses use Cam Wizard to monitor camera feeds.


Cam Wizard costs $9.95 for the full license.

Cam Wizard

Pros: Timeslide feature is great. Easy to set up.

Cons: Not great with low light. Regular crashes.

Bottomline: Cam Wizard is user-friendly and has handy features, and is perfect if you don't mind grainy video and don't need more than one camera.

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tech542 -

Try cam wizard by ledset... Ive tried nearly all the software off the internet and cam wizard does it all and is by far the best!

boxwellm -

I've now found a really good package that does exactly what it says it will do. It's called Cam Wizard and it's available from It's a good package. I thoroughly recommend it.


Is there a Cam Wizard free trial?

Cam Wizard offers a 99-day free trial download on their website.

What are some Cam Wizard alternatives?