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Compare Ucraft to top website builders like Squarespace and Weebly. Read customer reviews and learn more about features, packages, and pricing.

Updated on March 9th, 2023

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Ucraft is a free website builder that provides business owners and creative professionals with a set of web design tools to help them easily create business and e-commerce websites.


First Month Just $1.95

Build a professional website in just 3 easy steps.

Get Started

Easy to use.

Offers eCommerce features.

At a Glance:

14-day free trial for each package.

Free version


Discounts for paying annually

Wide range of 3rd-party integrations.

Well-suited for websites that emphasize images.

Comprehensive knowledge base with guides and articles.

Sale of digital goods

Only upper-tier packages.

Responsive templates

Multiple languages

Support channels

Forum and live chat.


Ucraft is a drag-and-drop website builder that allows anyone to create professional blogs or online stores. Choose from a wide variety of responsive templates and purchase integrations to increase the functionality of your websites. Free trial versions are available for all packages.


  • Free logo builder, stock images, and icons.
  • Integrates with a wide range of apps, including Google Analytics.
  • Free custom domain across all packages.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and pages to create large websites with many images.
  • 50+ payment methods on the Pro Shop and Unlimited Plans.
  • Helpful, friendly live chat support team.
  • Save when you opt for an annual plan.


Ucraft offers a free website plan, but it has limitations. The website does not connect to users' domains and no advanced features are available. Even though the platform promises 24/7 support, it can take a few hours before you get your questions answered.


Ucraft enjoys a first-class rating on Trustpilot, with most users praising the website builder for its ease of use, great integrations, and excellent customer support team.

Many users have enjoyed a hassle-free experience creating their websites and online stores, with only 10% reporting issues like subpar customer service, and difficulties when requesting refunds or navigating the interface.



Monthly Pricing

Annual Pricing*

Free Website



PayGo 1



PayGo 2



PayGo 3



Pro Website


$120.00 /yr.

Pro Shop


$252.00 /yr.



$828.00 /yr.

*Users enjoy a 15% discount when paying annually.

Ucraft Pro Shop vs. Squarespace Basic Commerce
Ucraft Pro Shop vs. Squarespace Basic Commerce:

Ucraft Pro Shop and Squarespace Basic Commerce are similar plans with comparable prices. For a few extra dollars, users can add unlimited products to their store and accept more payment methods with Squarespace. Unless you sell large digital products, Squarespace is the better option.

UCraft Pro Shop vs. Squarespace Basic Commerce Comparison:


Ucraft Pro Shop

Squarespace Basic Commerce


$252.00 /yr.

$30.00/mo. or $312.00 /yr.

Discount for paying annually

Free domain

Only when you pay annually

Zero transaction fees




Payment methods

Stripe, Paypal

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, JCB, Diners Club.

Sell via Instagram

Abandoned cart


Digital goods

1 GB per download

300 MB per download

Ucraft Unlimited vs. Squarespace Advanced Commerce
Ucraft Unlimited vs. Squarespace Advanced Commerce:

Ucraft and Squarespace's top-tier plans are very similar, but with Ucraft you pay considerably more in order to sell bigger downloads on your site and to accept a wider range of payment methods. Unless you have these specific needs, Squarespace is the better, cheaper option.

Ucraft Unlimited vs. Squarespace Advanced Commerce Comparison:


Ucraft Unlimited

Squarespace Advanced Commerce



$46.00/mo. or $480.00/yr.

Discount for paying annually

Free domain

Only when you pay annually.

Abandoned cart

Digital goods

10 GB per download

300 MB per download


Unlimited products

Payment methods

Wide range of payment methods

Limited payment methods

Ucraft Unlimited vs. Weebly Performance
Ucraft Unlimited vs. Weebly Performance:

Ucraft and Weebly's top-tier plans have similar features, but Ucraft is far more expensive. Ucraft and Weebly could do the same job for small business owners; however, users with large online stores would benefit from the freedom Ucraft provides.

Ucraft Unlimited vs. Weebly Performance Comparison:


Ucraft Unlimited

Weebly Performance



$29.00/mo. or $312.00/yr.

Discount for annual payments

Free domain

Unlimited storage



Abandoned cart

Payment methods accepted

Wide range of payment methods

Limited payment methods

Priority support


Top Packages:

Pro Website:

Ucraft's most popular option is its Pro Website. This plan comes with a free custom domain, unlimited bandwidth and pages, and Stripe and Paypal payment methods, but it lacks more advanced features like selling via 3rd parties and creating discount coupons. With the Pro Website, you can only add 15 products to your site.

Pro Shop:

The Pro Shop plan provides more freedom for users with online stores, allowing them to sell up to 1000 products (including digital downloads of up to 1 GB), accept 50+ payment methods, and sell via third-party sites like Instagram, Amazon, Facebook, and eBay. This plan also includes the handy abandoned cart feature.


Ucraft's top-tier plan has all the features of the Pro Shop and a few more. Pro Shop is Ucraft's only package that allows users to sell unlimited products, digital downloads of up to 10 GB, and accept payments using Square POS. For the price difference between the Pro Shop and Unlimited Plan, there aren't too many extra features. This plan would work well for businesses that sell thousands of products, require a POS system, and allow users to download large files from their sites, like software or games.

Key Information:

Legal Name



Gev Balyan

Founding Date

Sep 01, 2014


14724 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA 91403

Number of Employees


Number of Customers





1 (844) 483-3939




What is Ucraft?

Ucraft is a website builder and e-commerce solution for small to mid-sized businesses.

Does Ucraft offer a free trial?

Yes, a free trial of Ucraft is available for all the packages.

What is the price range of Ucraft?

Ucraft offers a free plan, and its paid plans start at $39.00 per month for its branded website packages.

What kind of features does Ucraft provide?

  • Free website hosting
  • Responsive templates.
  • Analytics.
  • Online selling.
  • 256-bit SSL encryption.

Can I create an e-commerce store with Ucraft?

Yes, the paid membership plans allow you to stock between 50 and 1,000 products or more and manage multi-currency sales securely. With the Unlimited plan, you can also sell on eBay, Facebook, and Instagram.

Which third-party apps does Ucraft integrate with?

What are some Ucraft alternatives?