Payline Data Pricing, Key Information and FAQs

Learn more about Payline Data payment solutions with pricing, a key information table and frequently asked questions.

Updated on November 14th, 2023

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Payline Data is a payment processing company that can facilitate point of sale and online payments from your customers. With Payline Data, you can process credit cards and other payment methods.


Updated 7th of February 2020

We have added more information about Payline Data's products, features, and pricing, including comparisons with top competitors Square, Braintree, and Stax.

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POS and Credit Card Processing

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Used by more than 2 million businesses.

Robust reporting.

Custom invoices.


Payline Data offers partnerships to independent sales organizations, marketing affiliates, and non-profit organizations. By partnering with Payline Data, you can grow your business and earn additional revenue.


Payline Data is a strong company that has received great reviews across online review sites. Payline Data offers a wide range of payment processing options with integrated payment solutions for both in-store and online payment processing.

Payline Data offers clear interchange-plus pricing with different interchange rates for different card types, so it can be difficult to predict your monthly payment fees. On the other hand, Square and Braintree offer one flat rate that doesn't change no matter what kind of card is used for payment. Square also offers a more robust platform with plenty of useful integrations while Braintree is an excellent choice for processing international sales.


Payline Data offers all the features a business could want for end-to-end payment processing; in-store, on the go, and online. They have clear, competitive rates with month-to-month billing and no early termination fees. Payline Data is a good option for high-risk merchants, retailers, and businesses that process large volumes of transactions. Users of Payline Data will also receive dedicated merchant accounts that are less likely to experience holds or terminations.


Payline Data has different rates for processing payments from different types of cards, so it can be difficult for merchants to predict their monthly payment processing costs. They offer payment processing equipment at an extra cost but only list some pricing on their website.


Payline Data is not BBB accredited. There are multiple reviews of Payline Data on ConsumerAffairs, where many reviewers have stated that Payline Data offers transparent fees. There are, however, a number of customer complaints on ConsumerAffairs about hidden fees. Payline Data does charge some extra monthly fees which are available on their website if you look for them.

Estimating Your Total Monthly Costs:

Payline Data offers a calculator tool for estimating your total monthly costs. However, this tool only calculates costs for a single way of accepting credit cards, so users must select either swipe, keyed-in, or online. Your pricing will change depending on the method you select.

At a Glance:

Transparent rates and fees


Accepts all major payment methods


Offers a wide range of integrations


User friendly interface



Clover Go mobile reader and counter-top terminals.


PCI compliance, fraud protection, customer vault, level 3 data protection, account updater.

Access to funds

Bank transfer within 2 business days.

Rates and Fees:


Interchange Plus Rate

Per-transaction Fee

Monthly Fee


Interchange + 0.4%




Interchange + 0.75%



Equipment Fees:

On their website, Payline Data makes equipment suggestions that work well with their software. For mobile readers, they suggest Clover Go, which they price at $70.00 to own plus $11.00 per month. The Clover Go is an all-in-one reader for contactless, chip, and swipe card payments as well as mobile wallets.

For counter-top terminals, they suggest the Ingenico iCT220, which they price at $150.00 to own. The Ingenico iCT220 accepts electronic chip, swipe, or contactless card payments with or without a POS interface.

Payline Data vs Square
Payline Data vs Square:

Payline Data uses an interchange-plus pricing structure, so users can clearly see what they are paying. They charge Interchange + 0.4% plus $0.10 per transaction and $10.00 a month. Square has one flat rate of 2.6% + $0.10 per transaction and no monthly fees. While the range of features is similar, Square offers more third-party integrations.

Payline Data vs Square Comparison:

Type of Transaction

Payline Data



Interchange + 0.4% + $0.10 /transaction + $10.00 /mo.

2.6% + $0.10 /transaction


Interchange + 0.75% + $0.20 /transaction + $20.00 /mo.

2.9% + $0.30 /transaction

Payline Data vs Braintree
Payline Data vs Braintree:

Like Square, Braintree has a standard fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Payline Data, on the other hand, charges the interchange rate plus a 4% merchant markup, a $0.10 per transaction fee, and a $10.00 monthly service fee. Braintree processes payments in over 130 currencies but does not integrate online and in-store payments, as Payline Data does.

Payline Data vs Braintree Comparison:

Type of Transaction

Payline Data



Interchange + 0.4% + $0.10 /transaction + $10.00 /mo.

2.9% + $0.30 /transaction


Interchange + 0.75% + $0.20 /transaction + $20.00 /mo.

2.9% + $0.30 /transaction

Smb Guide Payline Vs Stax Comparisons 420X320 20230208
Payline Data vs. Stax:

Stax is one of the few credit card processing companies that charge a monthly subscription fee of $99.00. They also charge an additional $0.08 per transaction fee. However, Payline Data may be more cost-effective because Stax charges a subscription fee for each payment gateway, while Payline Data offers integrated payment solutions.

Payline Data vs. Stax Comparison:

Type of Transaction

Payline Data



Interchange + 0.4% + $0.10 /transaction + $10.00 /mo.

$99.00 /mo. + $0.08 /transaction


Interchange + 0.75% + $0.20 /transaction + $20.00 /mo.

$99.00 /mo. + $0.15 /transaction

Pineapple Payments:

Payline Data is powered by Pineapple Payments, a payments technology company that provides payment processing, technology, and omnichannel payment acceptance solutions. These payment tools are then distributed by resellers nationwide to businesses of all sizes.




Chargeback Prevention from Verifi

Prevent fraud and avoid costly chargeback fees.

Payline Gateway

Secure, online gateway for payment processing.

Subscription Billing

Offers 3 different recurring billing options.

ACH Payments

Accepts ACH payments.

Data Security

PCI compliance.


Aside from their QuickBooks plugin, Payline Data states that they integrate with over 175 shopping cart platforms. However, they do not list their integrations on their website.

Payline Data Blog:

Payline Data offers a blog section on their website where they offer useful advice, tips, and how-to guides on credit card and payment processing. Some of their posts include "Accept Credit Card Payments At Your Business - A How-To Guide," "What You Should Know Before You Process Credit Cards," and "Understanding The Pitfalls Of High-Risk Credit Card Processing."

Other Products:

Mobile Payments:

Payline Data offers mobile and retail payment processing solutions for business startups and brick-and-mortar retail stores. They use the Clover Go m-POS system to accept EMV, magstripe, and contactless payments. However, the product is only supported on iOS 8.2 and Android 4.3 or higher.

Online Payment Processing:

Payline Data's Connect plan also offers e-commerce payment gateways with over 175 shopping cart integrations, APIs, gateway-only solutions, payments pages, and QuickBooks integration. Payline Connect integrates online payments into your business website and gives you full control over accepting payments with your mobile app and software. You can also use the virtual terminal for card-not-present payments.

In-store Payments:

Payline Data offers counter-top terminals from Ingenico, customizable POS systems, and mobile readers designed for the retail industry. Users can process credit card payments through EMV, magstripe, and contactless payments.

High-Risk Payments:

Payline Data offers high-risk merchant accounts to businesses selling products or services that traditional banks deem to have a high risk of failure. They have a simple application process and a dedicated support team to make high-risk credit card processing easy. Their chargeback prevention platform and CRM integrations also help business owners to reduce their chargebacks.

For high-risk businesses, Payline Data offers two payment gateways: Network Merchants, Inc. and

Payline Medical:

Payline Data offers a healthcare credit card processing solution designed specifically for medical professionals. It features low, cost-plus pricing, accepts credit cards, checks, and digital wallets, and offers the assistance of dedicated payment processing professionals.

Business Loans:

Payline Data offers small business loans in partnership with Lendio. You can apply for free to have access to over 75 lenders nationwide and receive funding in 24 hours, minimum.

Key Information:

Legal Name

Payline Data Services, LLC.


Jeff Shea

Founding Date

Sep 01, 2009


350 N Orleans, #9000, Chicago, IL 60654

Number of Employees


Number of Customers




1 (800) 617-9342 x 2



What is the price range for Payline Data monthly plans?

Payline charges a fee of 0.4% for card swipes.

Payline Data Vs Square

What are the differences between Payline Data and Square?

Square has no monthly fees like Payline, but the credit card fees when using Square are much higher. Credit card transactions are charged only 1.81% with Payline, while they cost 2.75% with Square.

How can a business sign up for Payline credit card processing?

Just visit and click "Get Started." Enter your contact information into the online form, and a Payline payment expert will contact you to collect more information and help you set up your account.

Is there a Payline payment gateway for online purchases?

With Payline's online processing solution, you can integrate Payline's secure payment gateway into your e-commerce business. With this technology, you can accept payment for goods online as well as set up a virtual terminal where invoices can be paid.