Braintree Payments Reviews, Ratings, Pricing Info and FAQs

Discover the Braintree payment gateway with customer reviews, ratings, pricing information and frequently asked questions.

Updated on December 11th, 2018

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Braintree payments is a business payment processing platform that is owned by PayPal. Braintree can accept multiple payment types from your customers for a seamless checkout experience online or in-person. You can also use Braintree to set up recurring billing.

Braintree Payments Pricing:

Braintree charges a standard fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. There are no monthly or annual fees.

Braintree Payments Key Information Table:


Bryan Johnson




Chicago, IL


Daniel Schulman

Number of Employees


Phone Number

1 (877) 511-5036


222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60654


Braintree Payments FAQs:

What is the price range for Braintree Payments?

Braintree charges a standard per transaction price of 2.9% + $0.30.

What is a Braintree merchant account?

A merchant account is a Braintree account for businesses. You can use your merchant account to accept payments from customers and clients through the Braintree payment gateway.

Can Braintree process Bitcoin payments?

Yes, as of 2015 Braintree can accept and process Bitcoin payments.

How do I contact Braintree customer service?

You can contact Braintree support by calling 1 (877) 434-2894, or you can fill out the contact form here:

Why do I see on my credit card statement?

The charge to your account originates from a business that uses the Braintree gateway to accept payments.

Where is the Braintree office?

Braintree's headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois, where the company was founded.

How do I set up Braintree recurring payments for my customers?

First, add the customer's payment information into your system. Next, you need to set up an amount for recurring payments and have the customer authorize it.

Is Braintree the same as Paypal?

Braintree is owned by Paypal, but they are two distinct entities. Paypal is used primarily for money transfers, but Braintree is a business payment gateway.

Braintree Payments Reviews:




Alkesh G.


Simple integration and a lovely api. A great payment gateway for merchants.

Lark I.


Great for credit card processing and recurring billing.

Stephanie S.


Very easy to search transactions a manage subscriptions.

Miguel P.


Overall, this is a great tool. We haven't had any problems since setting it up.

Alex S.


The documentation is easy to follow and the software supports so many different payment methods!

Esteban A.


I have been using Braintree for four years now and it has been a great experience.

Steve J.


I love the ease of integration with Rails and Javascript.

Marco P.


Braintree is a great tool, but the website does not provide much information about how to use it.

Julien D.


Braintree is reliable. However, there aren't many fraud-detection features.

Donald P.


An excellent payment gateway. Signup takes awhile, but it is worth the time.