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Compare goEmerchant to competitors such as Braintree, Square, and Fattmerchant. Get info on goEmerchant features and answers to common questions.

Updated on July 8th, 2020

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goEmerchant is a payment processing provider for businesses. goEmerchant’s solutions include EMV, credit card, POS, online, and mobile payment options. Businesses can use goEmerchant to offer convenient payment methods to their customers.


Updated 6th of February 2020

We have added more information about goEmerchant, including product reviews, feature lists, and pricing comparisons with Square, Braintree, and Fattmerchant.

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POS and Credit Card Processing

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Automatically tracks customer purchases.

Used by more than 2 million businesses.

Robust reporting.

Pros and Cons:


  • All-in-one payment processing platform.
  • Integrated payments.
  • Next-day funding.
  • Wide range of products and features.


  • No available pricing.
  • Limited third-party integrations available.


goEmerchant offers an all-in-one payment processing platform with added software tools for tracking and managing inventory, sales, employees, and accounting. It is similar to Square in its offerings, as Square also offers an integrated payment processing solution with all the needed tools, software, and hardware. However, Square also provides a range of third-party integrations and a blended pricing structure.


goEmerchant offers a wide range of features and products, making it an all-in-one, multi-channel payment processing platform. Users can accept payments via mobile, online, and POS systems and using goEmerchant's credit card processing hardware. They also offer easy-to-use tools to create your own website and online store, which integrates well with your in-store sales. Their payment processing tools also include inventory management, sales tracking, employee management, CRM, and QuickBooks integration.


goEmerchant does not provide a lot of information about their products on their website and there are no pricing or integration details. goEmerchant claims that their shopping cart software is easy to use and that the toolkits are suitable for novices, but there may be some technical skills required to set up your own website and online store.


goEmerchant has been an accredited business with BBB since 2001 and has an A+ rating with BBB. They have only collected one customer complaint about a hidden cancelation fee and the difficulty in closing the merchant account, but this was resolved to the customer's satisfaction. GetApp has collected two customer reviews, both of which are positive but do include a complaint about hidden fees.

At a Glance:

Rates and fees

Not provided by company.

Accepts all major payment methods


Offers a wide range of integrations


User friendly interface



EMV and credit card reader, POS counter-top terminal, and mobile card readers.


E2E Tokenization, EMV readers, PCI compliant.

Access to funds

Next-day funding.

goEmerchant Hardware:

goEmerchant is compatible with Xion and Ingenico magstripe card readers as well as Ingenico mobile card readers. The mobile card readers are compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad. goEmerchant also offers an iPad POS system.

Rates and Fees:

goEmerchant does not disclose rates on their website, but other sites have published goEmerchant's price at $19.99 for one-time use. You can fill out the form at goemerchant.com to request a quote.

goEmerchant vs Square
goEmerchant vs Square:

goEmerchant and Square offer a similar range of products, so Square is a good platform to compare your goEmerchant quote to. Square offers a blended pricing structure with a flat fee of 2.6% + $0.10 per transaction. This price includes the interchange rate plus the merchant's markup.

goEmerchant vs Square:





Not given.

2.6% + $0.10 /transaction.

Integrated payments

Retail, mobile, and online.

Mobile, invoice, retail, and online.

Types of payments accepted

Credit cards, ACH, EMV, and digital wallets.

Credit cards, ACH, digital wallets, and gift cards.

Hardware available



goEmerchant vs Braintree
goEmerchant vs Braintree:

Braintree does not offer integrated online and in-store payments as goEmerchant does. However, Braintree works with a wide range of currencies and offers great conversion fees for international sales. Braintree uses a blended pricing structure with a flat fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

goEmerchant vs Braintree Comparison:





Not given.

2.9% + $0.30 /transaction.

Integrated payments

Retail, mobile, and online.

Processes in-store, online, and mobile payments, but they are not integrated.

Types of payments accepted

Credit cards, ACH, EMV, and digital wallets.

Cards, PayPal, Venmo, and digital wallets.

Hardware available


Only by integrating with PayPal Here.

goEmerchant vs Fattmerchant
goEmerchant vs Fattmerchant:

Fattmerchant has a wider range of third-party integrations available when compared to goEmerchant. Fattmerchant uses a subscription-based pricing structure and charges $99.00 per month plus $0.08 per transaction. This means that, for the monthly subscription, users will not pay a company markup on the credit companies' interchange rates.

goEmerchant vs Fattmerchant Comparison:





Not given.

$99.00 /mo. + $0.08 /transaction.

Integrated payments

Retail, mobile, and online.

Online, mobile, and in-store.

Types of payments accepted

Credit cards, ACH, EMV, and digital wallets.

Debit, credit, chip, EBT, HSA, and mobile wallets.

Hardware available




  • Accepts all major payment methods (EMV chip cards, ACH, digital wallets, and EBT).
  • Processes recurring payments.
  • Fast merchant account approvals.
  • Omni-channel (retail, mobile, and online).
  • QuickBooks plugin.
  • Dedicated payment consultant.
  • Account updater.
  • Multi-MID enterprise.
  • ACH e-check.
  • Hosted payment pages.
  • REST gateway API.
  • Mobile EMV.
  • End-to-end Tokenization.


goEmerchant does not list their integrations on their website, aside from their QuickBooks plugin. However, our research has shown that goEmerchant integrates with the following platforms:

  • 3dcart.
  • Magento.
  • OpenCart.
  • WooCommerce.
  • Zen Cart.

goEmerchant Services:

goEmerchant offers small business credit card and merchant services for business owners, payment solutions for startups, and online payment gateway APIs for developers.

Key Product Mini-Reviews:

Integrated Payments:

goEmerchant offers the REST API payment gateway for novices or experienced programmers to integrate their online, mobile, and in-store payments. This product has a variety of toolkits, code, testing, and phone support.

iPad POS System:

goEmerchant's iPad POS system is specifically designed for high-volume transaction merchants and offers a tablet-based solution that features inventory tracking, integrated payment processing, strong hardware with cloud-based back-ups, staff management, transaction reporting, and 24/7 customer service for remote software maintenance.

Shopping Cart:

goEmerchant offers tools and templates to create a mobile-friendly online store and website. To make things easier for your customers, you can use the shopping cart software to create advanced product image displays, customer browsing history views, quick view buttons, and cart previews. The shopping cart software also features marketing designs, SEO, coupons and discounts, gift certificates, newsletter managers, personalized wish lists, and a make-an-offer page.

The shopping cart can be integrated with social media and mobile, such as a Facebook store, m-commerce, Twitter, and Youtube. It also offers product management with CRM, inventory, order processing, shipping, and sales metric software.

goEmerchant's shopping cart software ranges in price from $19.00 for 1 staff user to $299.00 for 15 staff users, with no transaction or setup fees.

Shopping Cart Software Pricing:

Plan Name

Number of Users














Key Information:

Legal Name

First American Payment Systems, L.P.


James Battista

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1995


800 Cooper St, Suite 500, Camden, NJ 08102

Number of Employees


Number of Customers





1 (888) 711-3800




What is goEmerchant?

goEmerchant is a payment processing provider for businesses. goEmerchant’s solutions include EMV, credit card, POS, online, and mobile payment options.

How much does goEmerchant cost?

goEmerchant's pricing starts at $19.99 for one-time use.

Is there a goEmerchant free trial?

A goEmerchant test account option is available at website.

What is goEmerchant's phone number?

goEmerchant's phone number is 1 (856) 546-3800.

What is goEmerchant's address?

goEmerchant's address is 800 Cooper Street, Suite 500, Camden, New Jersey 08102.

What are some goEmerchant alternatives?