Costco Credit Card Processing

Learn about the Costco credit card processing service for merchants and other businesses. Includes info on pricing, ratings, key information, and FAQs.

Updated on January 14th, 2019

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Costco credit card processing, also known as Costco Merchant Services, is handled by Elavon who provides tailored payment processing solutions at a member-only price to Costco customers.

Costco/Elavon Pricing:

Plan Name


On-site & In-Store

1.22% + $0.12 per transaction


1.99% + $0.25 per transaction


1.22% + $0.12 per transaction

Costco Credit Card Processing Key Information Table:


James Sinegal, Jeffrey Brotman




Issaquah, WA


Walter Craig Jelinek

Number of Employees


Number of Customers

90,300 000


1(844) 204-5982


999 Lake Drive, Issaquah, Washington 98027


Costco Credit Card Processing FAQs:

What is the price range of Costco's credit card processing service?

Costco's pricing starts at 1.22% + $0.12 and goes up to 1.99% + $0.25 per transaction. Customers are required to pay a monthly minimum fee if their total transaction fees and per-item charges are less than $20.00 per month. A $25.00 application fee and $4.95 monthly statement fee applies for Non-Executive members. There are no application, statement, reporting or annual fees for Executive Members.

What credit card processing solutions does Costco offer?

Costco/Elavon offers in-store, online, and mobile payment solutions that are secure and convenient. Elavon has a wide selection of payment terminals to accept several forms of payment from your customers, including smart/chip cards (EMV), mobile wallets, legacy credit, and debit swipe cards. All payment solutions use encryption technology to protect your customers' data.

How do I apply for the Costco credit card processing service?

Go to and click "Get More Info" to submit an inquiry form or call them on 1 (877) 369-0301 or 1(844) 204-5982.

What are the advantages of Costco/Elavon Merchant Services?

Costco offers credit card processing solutions for a wide range of industries from retail to healthcare. Packages are optimized according to the industry and the size of your business or organization. Elavon's user-friendly customer portal provides customizable reporting and shows you daily information on sales and other important information.

Where do I find the Costco Merchant login page?

On, select Manage and then Payments Insider to be directed to your online portal.

How do I get in touch with Costco customer service?

You can call Costco customer service 27/7 at 1 (844) 204-5982 or visit to read their knowledge base.

Costco Credit Card Processing Reviews:




Traycee M.


Absolutely awful experience. The amount of fees this company charges a small business is absurd. We eventually found a better company to use, only to be continuously charged by Elavon for services we had canceled. I have called numerous times and it is always a run around, you can’t ever speak to someone who is of actual help.

William C.


Elavon does absolutely nothing to represent or stand behind their merchants, so even if they offer slightly lower fees it just isn’t worth it as just one unjustified chargeback more than offsets any savings.

Bob N.


We really have no complaints with Elavon/Costco, other than they kinda stick you when it comes to purchasing equipment. That said, they will continue to allow transactions via our old terminal until it basically dies. And, we’ve always gotten decent response from Customer Response.

Sequoia P.L.


Elavon has terrible customer service. I almost never write reviews but having a company hold over $600k of your funds for days on end, then being “too busy” too deal with you is simply unacceptable. Yes, that is $600,000. The first time, the sum got to ~$450,000 it took 7 business days for them to release it since the amount got so big it had to go to their VP. Apparently they needed to increase my processing limit, but never contacted me about it.

Michelle R.


This service will charge you if you do not fill out their “survey.” Make sure you read the fine print because my monthly rate went from $10 to $55! All because of a survey!?When I get another credit card processing service it will not be this one.

Julia P.


I had hoped to reduce my processing fees in 2018. Elavon promised, lied in fact, to help with this. In every way this company is to be avoided.

Julia A.


What I found out the hard way with Elavon is read the terms of service! We have been with them for 4 years with no problems. We have no chargebacks and average anywhere from $25k to $50k in one month until May of this year (2018) when we had 2 large sales around 20K each. Without knowing it we triggered Elavon’s fraud department to hold the payments and place them in a “reserve” account.

Kim K.


We are a non-profit organization that was looking for a simple and affordable way to process credit card donations. Our bank representative hooked us up with Elavon. We have only been with them for 4 months and as our establishment has been slow throughout that time, we have never even enabled the card readers. One is still in the packaging. We have had 0 transactions and no help or response from our sales rep or Elavon. They have withdrawn nearly $800.00 from our account!

Ricky C.


Prepare yourself for some of the worst customer service possible. We contacted Elavon to stop billing us over $100 a month for a service we were not using. We hadn’t processed a card in months. The next month, we were surprised to see another bill on our account.

Terry C.


We have used this service for a number of years until we switched to the Ingenico CC processing machine a few months ago and we had been quite pleased. Then the wheels fell off. On the few occasions we tried to use the new processing device it wouldn’t sink with the Apple cell phone used for the data import. When we contacted tech support we had to re-program the phone app due to software updates that had wiped out the previous settings.