Art of Hustle

Learn about Art of Hustle, a business podcast created for entrepreneurs. Includes most popular episodes, key information, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on February 11th, 2022

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Art of Hustle is a business podcast hosted by owner and communications specialist, Anthem Salgado. Created in 2011 for small business owners and artists, the podcast offers valuable advice, strategies, and tips.




Podcast Episode 003: Visual Artist, Jenifer Wofford!

Interview with Jenifer Wofford, who shares the importance of artist adaptability.


Podcast Episode 005: Executive Director, Dave Archuletta

Sit down discussion with Dave Archuletta. Includes tips for maintaining relationships and reveals the secret to celebrating small wins.


Podcast Episode 006: Producing Director, Joan Osato

Joan Osato joins the show to talk about managing your career, securing funding, and more.


Podcast Episode 007: Grants Administrative Manager, Olivia Malabuyo Tablante

In this episode, Olivia Malabuyo shares her knowledge on grants, fulfilling your life's purpose, and career pivots.


Podcast Episode 011: David J. Diamond’s Satisfying Careers in Show Business

David J. Diamond joins the show to discuss his journey in show business and reveals his advice for aspiring artists.


Podcast Episode 018: Business Coach Crystal Shanks

Mentor and business coach, Crystal Shanks sits down for an interview with host Anthem Salgado. Offers productive tips and advice.


Podcast Episode 017: Artist Educator Entrepreneur, Irene Faye Duller

In this conversation, entrepreneur Irene Faye Duller discusses what it means to be an entrepreneur and an educator.


Podcast Episode 014: Life Coach Julie Lamonica

Julie Lamonica joins host Anthem Salgado to share her work philosophy. Includes advice for work burnout.


Podcast Episode 016: E Myth CEO Martin Kamenski

Informative discussion with E Myth CEO, Martin Kamenski. Martin talks about his business and artistic journey.


Podcast Episode 021: Akaya Windwood, President of Rockwood Leadership Institute

Interview with Akaya Windwood, the President of Rockwood Leadership Institute. Akaya reveals her advice for self-care, takes an in-depth look at the challenges of staying busy, and shares her tips for good leadership.


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Who is Anthem Salgado?

Anthem Salgado is a communications specialist, small business coach, and the owner and host of Art of Hustle. Anthem created his podcast for self-employed professionals looking for practical guidance and strategies to grow their businesses.

Why should I listen to Art of Hustle?

If you're an aspiring entrepreneur and business owner looking to break into the art industry, Art of Hustle is the business podcast for you. The show provides valuable tips, advice sessions, and interviews with renowned authors, business owners, artists, and more.

Where can I listen to Art of Hustle?

Art of Hustle is available on Apple Podcasts, iHeart, and Stitcher.