Learn about Mixergy, a business podcast created for business owners. Includes key information, most popular episodes, reviews, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on November 26th, 2019

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Mixergy is a popular business podcast created and hosted by Andrew Warner. Listeners tune into the podcast for informative interviews with successful business owners, experts, authors, speakers, and more.




A founder gets open about entrepreneurship and Adderall addiction

Michael Dash, entrepreneur and founder of Parallel HR Solutions, joins the show to talk about his life journey and how he created his company.


How Stash is creating the Netflix of financial services

In this episode, Stash co-founder Brandon Krieg talks with host Andrew Warner about creating his business. Includes valuable life lessons and business insights.


Neil Patel: services businesses are better than software companies

Interview with Neil Patel, the co-founder of Neil Patel Digital. The interview provides insightful advice, tips, and encouragment.


How a former lawyer built a multi-million dollar company that teaches social skills – with Jordan Harbinger

Talk with co-founder of The Art of Charm, Jordan Harbinger, who shares how he built a multi-million dollar company that teaches social skills.


Inside the $100M dollar scooter sharing startup Spin

In this conversation, co-founder of Spin joins host Andrew Warner to discuss all things startup. The show offers actionable tips and advice.


Marathon Series: Singapore’s $10M restaurant app

The founder of Chope, Arrif Ziaudeen sits down for an interview with Andrew Warner. Valuable talk about believing in your product.


Reddit Founder: “I Wish I Still Owned Reddit Now” – with Steve Huffman

Steve Huffman, Reddit co-founder, joins the show to discuss how he built the popular platform, why he sold it, and why he regrets selling it.


How Sam Ovens is helping everyday people start their own consulting businesses

Learn everything you need to know about consulting and starting a business. Includes an interview with business founder and consulting expert, Sam Ovens.


How to bounce back after losing $100M (through leveraging relationships)

Co-founder of Sports1Marketing, David Meltzer joins the podcast to share his advice for bouncing back from failure. Also includes marketing and networking tips.


HearAndPlay.com: Turning $70 Into A Multimillion Dollar Instruction Web Site – with Jermaine Griggs

HearAndPlay.com founder joins host Andrew Warner to talk about turning $70 into a multi-million dollar instruction web site.


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Andrew Warner

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Who is Andrew Warner?

Andrew Warner is a startup CEO, business founder, and the host of Mixergy podcast. Andrew created the podcast to provide listeners with an in-depth look into entrepreneur success stories.

Why should I listen to Mixergy?

Mixergy is ideal for startup CEOs and small business entrepreneurs. The show provides first-hand advice from successful and failed business entrepreneurs, providing valuable tips, advice, and encouragement.

Where can I listen to Mixergy?

You can listen to Mixergy on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Customer Reviews:

Simon Saval

Reviewed: Jan 17, 2019

Source: Twitter

Highly recommend @Mixergy by the super talented @AndrewWarner - Lots of practical tips for companies of all sizes.My entire teams listens.

Omar Sayyed

Reviewed: Jul 11, 2016

Source: Reddit

I highly recommend Mixergy. Tons of great interviews. Unfortunately, it is a paid subscription, but nothing good is free, right.

Derek Pankaew

Reviewed: Mar 01, 2009

Source: Wickedfire

I also recommend Mixergy.com. (Note: Not an affiliate or owner, just a recommendation.) This guy basically interviews many of the top internet business guys and puts it on his site for $25 a month. I've learned more from this site than I have in many books combined. Also much easier to learn listening than reading for me.


Reviewed: Jun 02, 2018

Source: Reddit

Listen to a few Mixergy podcasts for an idea of good questions. Andrew warner does a great job. I think the mindset of the person during the early days, what their skills and background were at the time they decided to quit their day job and start a business, what in their life led them to want to do something entrepreneurial. Get personal with them- I find those interviews really interesting. Also, have them talk about their first big failures and fears in the early days. What their first big break was, how much in revenue their currently making.


Reviewed: Oct 14, 2014

Source: Reddit

Mixergy podcasts are second to none. No fluffy bullshit or kissarsing, lots of hard questions for the entrepreneur in the spotlight.