The $100 MBA

Learn about The $100 MBA, a business podcast created for business owners. Includes the most popular episodes, reviews, key information, and FAQs.

Updated on October 5th, 2021

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The $100 MBA is a weekly business podcast hosted by Omar Zenhom. Each week the show hosts business leaders to share their tips, advice, and concepts on various topics, such as improving customer service and email clicks.




How To Offer The Right Salary When Hiring

In this conversation, host Omar Zenhom explains how to do the math for new hires.


Q&A Wednesday: How important is the name of my business?

Quick Q&A session to discuss the importance of a business name. Includes advice on how to choose a business name.


How To Sell Your Online Business + Free Ride Friday!

Learn about how to sell your business. Provides insights into what businesses look for and how to make the transition effortlessly.


How To Pivot With Your Product

Join host Omar Zenhom to discuss how you can move in a new direction with a product while maintaining the core of your business and vision.


Lessons Learned When Launching a New Product

Host Omar Zenhom discusses launching a new product, marketing, and how to balance your business branding.


5 Timeless Lessons from the Father of Advertising + Free Ride Friday!

Discover how a change of marketing strategies can make the difference between a flood of sales and complete failure.


How Often Do You Need to Meet with Your Team? + Free Ride Friday!

Valuable discussion about determining how often to meet with your team. Great talk for business owners and supervisors.


Is Your Business Growing Too Slowly?

In this discussion, host Omar Zenhom discusses how to measure your business growth.


How to Evaluate Your Employees

On this week's episode, learn about how to make employee assessments objective, measurable, and goal-driven.


How to Create a Team Handbook For Your Company

Discover how you can create an informative, effective, and fluid employee handbook.


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Zahir -

I am just starting to learn entrepreneurship and really like the $100mba. Omar Zenhom makes learning about entrepreneurship fun and easy. They have a podcast that is also really good with short 10 minute lessons. If you look at the podcast try to start from episode 1. I like the course because I have zero business experience and it presented the basics in an organized fashion. Once I learned the basics I was able to dig in more and learn about different topics on my own.

thejfoster42 -

I also like The $100 MBA, which is great since their episodes are only 10-15 minutes long. Nice, bite-size chunks of information and everything is always really actionable.

MKTGstartupfounder -

You might enjoy a $100 MBA. He cuts the bullshit right out and gets straight to the point.

dhol604 -

I'm a big fan of the '$100 MBA' - While it caters to more than tech startups, the content is great.


Who is Omar Zenhom?

Omar Zenhom is an entrepreneur, speaker, and host of The $100 MBA. Omar uses his podcast to help aspiring business owners make a success of their business through interviews and quick advice sessions.

Why should I listen to The $100 MBA?

The $100 MBA is a quick and informative business podcast that packs a punch. With episodes lasting an average of 10 minutes, the show is great for business owners looking for actionable advice on starting and growing a small business.

Where can I listen to The $100 MBA?

You can listen to The $100 MBA on Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, and Stitcher.