Startups for the Rest of Us

Learn about the Startups for the Rest of Us business podcast for small business owners. Includes most popular episodes, reviews, key information, and FAQs.

Updated on October 5th, 2021

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Startups for the Rest of Us is a business podcast hosted by Rob Walling and Mike Taber. Created in 2010, the podcast helps developers, designers, and entrepreneurs be successful at launching software products and services. The show includes tips, advice, and strategies to help stand out as a business.




Episode 458 | The Return of Mike Taber

Co-host Mike Taber returns to the show to discuss his latest business venture, roadblocks, and his health. Includes motivation for business owners.


Episode 451 | Stellar Growth, Platform Risk, Layoffs and Powering Through Roadblocks with Laura Roeder

Founder and CEO of MeetEdgar, Laura Roeder joins the show for a sit down interview. Laura reveals her tips for business growth, layoffs, and handling challenges.


Episode 448 | Let’s Talk About Bluetick

Hosts Rob Walling and Mike Taber discuss Bluetick's future. Includes insight on the Google approval process and tips for overcoming roadblocks.


Episode 434 | SaaS KPIs You Should Focus on From Day 1

Learn about what KPIs to look for when launching, metrics you should be tracking, and more. Provides valuable tips and advice.


Episode 425 | How to Launch a Product Into a Mature Market

In this episode, hosts Rob Walling and Mike Taber talk about successfully launching a product into a popular market.


Episode 413 | How Lucidchart Grew to 13 Million Users with Freemium

Open discussion about the success of Lucidchart. Learn about effective ways to use freemium, horizontal markets, and more. Valuable discussion for startup entrepreneurs.


Episode 406 | Should Bootstrappers Raise Money?

This episode dissects the question of bootstrappers raising money. Learn how raising an angel round may be a good fit for your business.


Episode 362 | Calculating Lifetime Value (Not as Boring as it Sounds)

Learn about calculating lifetime value with hosts Rob Walling and Mike Taber.


Episode 325 | Building a Killer Email Launch Sequence

In this episode, learn effective tips for building an email launch sequence. Points discussed include essential elements of a sale letter and how many emails to send.


Episode 265 | The Absolute Bare Minimum You Should Know About Segmenting Your Email List

Learn the basics of segmenting your email list. Provides practical tips and advice you can implement immediately.


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Rob Walling and Mike Taber

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Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher


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Who are the hosts of Startups for the Rest of Us?

Rob Walling and Mike Taber are the co-hosts of Startups for the Rest of Us.

Why should I listen to Startups for the Rest of Us?

Startups for the Rest of Us was created with startup entrepreneurs in mind. The show, which does not include a lot of interviews, offers tips, advice sessions, motivation, and tactics for the entrepreneur trying to successfully launch their startup. Try listening to our choice of the 10 best episodes to see if you enjoy it.

Where can I listen to Startups for the Rest of Us?

You can listen to Startups for the Rest of Us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

What are some business podcast alternatives?