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Discover the Mind Your Business Podcast, a business podcast created for entrepreneurs. Includes most popular episodes, reviews, key information, and FAQs.

Updated on October 5th, 2021

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Mind Your Business is a business podcast hosted by entrepreneur and business coach James Wedmore. The podcast provides entrepreneurs with practical tools, tips, and strategies to improve their businesses.




Episode 186: The 7 Universal Laws of Abundance with Christy Whitman

New York Times best-selling author Christy Whitman joins the podcast to talk about the 7 universal laws of abundance.


Episode 185: Get Out Of Your Own Way & Get What You Want with Jim Fortin

Host James Wedmore is joined by business coach Jim Fortin. Includes tips on balance and Jim reveals his "Four Pillars of Impeccability."


Episode 183: How To Find Clarity

Learn about finding clarity in your life and business. Includes quick tips and advice.


Episode 178: Creating Your Success from the Inside Out

In this conversation, host James Wedmore takes an in-depth look at what it means to be an entrepreneur.


Episode 281: Why Your Offer Isn’t Selling (3 Forgotten Ingredients) #BizTipFriday

Learn how to create an effective sales framework with host James Wedmore. Includes poor sales examples and reveals what makes a bad offer.


Episode 279: The DNA of The Digital CEO with Patty Palmer

Founder of Deep Space Sparkle, Patty Palmer joins the podcast to discuss her business journey and she shares her advice for today's entrepreneurs.


Episode 277: Your Greatest Launch Yet with Tiffany Lee Bymaster

Interview with coach Tiffany Lee Bymaster. Tiffany offers advice on overcoming fear, raising prices, and what to do if you attract the wrong target audience.


Episode 274: The Art Of Reframing with Jen Casey

Business strategy coach Jen Casey joins host James Wedmore to discuss reframing challenges, law of attraction, and more.


Episode 271: The Bizarre Habits of a Multi-7-Figure Entrepreneur

James Wedmore reveals his approach to social media, negative thinking, and more. Provides valuable tips and advice.


Episode 269: Lessons From 1 Year of Hiring with Nicole Begley

In this episode, James Wedmore discusses a case study with Nicole Begley. Includes advice on how to turn passion into success, overcome mistakes, and more.


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Who is James Wedmore?

James Wedmore is an entrepreneur, business coach, and the host of the Mind Your Business podcast. James launched his podcast in 2016 to help coaches, authors, and visionaries to make an impact online.

Why should I listen to the Mind Your Business podcast?

The Mind Your Business podcast provides advice that can be followed immediately with few if any external resources. The podcast is suitable for both seasoned and amateur entrepreneurs. You might want to listen to the top 10 episodes of Mind Your Business to see if you like it.

Where can I listen to Mind Your Business podcast?

You can listen to Mind Your Business podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Podbean.

What are some Mind Your Business podcast alternatives?