Yext Reviews, Ratings and Pricing Information

Learn more about Yext software with customer reviews, ratings and pricing. Includes common questions about YEXT and a key information table.

Updated on January 10th, 2019

Yext is a digital knowledge management platform for businesses. With Yext, businesses can control their customers' brand experience across all of their digital channels. The knowledge management tool makes it easy for users to control the flow of information and empower their customer service providers.

Yext Pricing:

Plan Name

Yearly Price


$199.00 /yr.


$449.00 /yr.


$499.00 /yr.


$999.00 /yr.

Yext Key Information Table:


Howard Lerman, Brian Distelburger, and Brent Metz




New York, NY


Howard Lerman

Number of Employees


Phone Number

(212) 994-3900


1 Madison Ave. 5th Floor, New York, NY, 10010


Yext FAQs:

What is the price range for Yext?

Yext's plans range in price from $199.00 per year for the "Base" plan to $999.00 per year for the "Ultimate" plan.

Is Yext a publicly owned company?

Yes, Yext Inc. is actually listed on the New York Stock Exchange and you can buy NYSE Yext shares using the ticker symbol YEXT. You can see the latest Yext stock price by performing a quick Google search.

Who are the most significant Yext competitors?

Yext is the leader in its particular segment of the market, but the company is still in direct competition with groups like Uberall, MOZ, Synup and Main Street Hub. Each of these companies also sell knowledge and information management tools.

Yext Vs Synup 20180727
Yext vs. Synup

Yext bills customers on an annual basis with a variety of plan types, but with Synup customers pay a starting rate of $30.00 per location per month. The data that is posted with Synup is permanent, but Yext's data is removed as soon as you unsubscribe from the service.

How can I get in touch with YEXT support?

Just visit and click "Support" at the top of the page. This will take you to an FAQ page that also has contact information for email or phone support.

What is the difference between the YEXT pricing packages?

YEXT's cheapest package, the "Base" plan, costs $199.00 per year. The Base plan has all of the essential knowledge management and digital asset management tools, but the analytics are limited. On the other end of the spectrum, the "Ultimate" plan costs $999.00 per year and comes loaded with intelligence and review features.

Yext Powerlistings Scan
What is the YEXT powerlistings scan?

The YEXT powerlistings scan is a tool that allows you to scan Google for all of the listings associated with each of your business locations. The results tell you what percentage of your customers are finding accurate information about your business.

What is like working at YEXT?

According to YEXT glassdoor reviews, YEXT offers employees an excellent work environment, although growth within the company can be difficult. Employees who have provided a YEXT review give it an average rating of 4.4/5.

Is there a special web portal I need to visit to access my YEXT login?

You can access your account by visiting You can also click the "Forgot Password?" button to reset your password if you have forgotten or misplaced it.

Yext Reviews:




Caron S.


Yext allows us to update our 400+ location listings in real time.

Victoria R.


The organization of the site takes some getting used to, but it is a great way to keep our online information current.

Laura W.


We choose Yext because it is more robust than the competing platforms.

Helen V.


The sales reps are very helpful and we have been able to see the results it has given us.

Kenneth K.


The best tool I have ever used to find and update information with ease.

Sally B.


I love the live updates, but the two week lag in reporting makes it hard to get data that we can act on right away.

Mimi W.


The customer service is top notch and the accuracy of our restaurant listings has gone way up.

Chelsea W.


The product was too complicated for us to keep using with our small business.

Barbara C.


The support team is great. I would highly recommend Yext!

John M.


We got exactly what we expected, which was a winning strategy and excellent customer service.