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7 min read • Last updated on December 11th, 2018

Ultimate Tax Service sells customized tax software to fit the tax needs of small to large businesses. They offer different software options to fit the unique needs of different businesses and provide year-round assistance to help with technical issues that arise.

Ultimate Tax Pricing:

Plan Name


Online 1040

$588.00 per year.

Desktop 1040

$588.00 per year.

1040 + Corporate

$828.00 per year.


$1,788.00 per year.

Ultimate Tax Key Information Table:


Mike Steele




Muscatine, IA.


Mike Steele

Number of Users

50, 000

Phone Number

1 (866) 686-7211


1500 Plaza Place, Suite 201, Muscatine, IA.



Ultimate Tax FAQs:

Do I need an EFIN number before I purchase your software?

Yes, an EFIN number is a prerequisite for electronic filing and you will be required to have one before purchasing Ultimate Tax software. We will ask you to submit proof of an EFIN number prior to your purchase.

Will your software work across all platforms?

We have different packages that are supported by different operating systems. If you're running windows, you should purchase our Desktop package, while our 1040 Online package is designed for Mac users. We try and optimize our software to your needs to give you the best Ultimate Tax experience.

What kinds of payment plans do you offer?

Paying in full will always give you the best price, but we do offer different payment options should funding not be available to you.

When is the best time to buy your software?

Buying before June 30th is an ideal time to buy, as pricing in the first half of the year is always cheaper than the second.

Do you offer any kind of assistance?

We offer year-round assistance and training with our software. We provide one-on-one customer training sessions as well as an archive of training videos and other material.

Ultimate Tax Assistance
Ultimate Tax Assistance Options:
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  • Chat With A Service Expert.
  • Create A Service Ticket.
  • Show My Screen.
  • Call Your Service Team.
  • Email Your Service Team.
  • Ultimate Tax Blog.
  • My UTS Customer Account.

Ultimate Tax Reviews:




James D.


Good company.

Anthony N.


Not as user friendly as I would have liked.

Charles A.


Incomplete software.

Shirley W.


I would choose no other program.

Carl A.


Great company and service.

Al F.


After four or five years I wouldn't change software.

Victor H.


The tax software team is very helpful.

John L.


Always willing to help.

Len B.


Long time customer.