eSmart Tax Reviews

Read about eSmart Tax software for small business owners. Includes eSmart Tax pricing, key information, and answers to common questions.

Updated on June 11th, 2020

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eSmart Tax is a tax management software solution that allows freelancers and business owners to file their taxes online. eSmart Tax is the online division of the Liberty Tax Service.


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eSmart Tax Reviews

Pros: Free plan, easy-to-use and fill out tax forms online.

Cons: Limited guidance for new or solo tax filers, poor customer support.

Bottomline: Affordable option for small business owners with moderate tax filing needs.

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What is eSmart tax?

eSmart tax is a tax management platform that allows businesses to file their taxes online.

What is the price range for eSmart Tax?

eSmart Tax's pricing ranges from $0.00 to $59.95 per month depending on the size of your business.

What features does eSmart Tax offer?

  • e-File your federal and state taxes fast.
  • Record business and family expenses.
  • Review your tax situation to determine whether or not you qualify for credits and deductions.

Where can I find the eSmart tax software download?

There is no eSmart Tax software download as the system is completely web-based.

What do I need to do to prepare and file my eSmart taxes on the platform?

Your browser needs to support 128-bit SSL encryption in order to access the eSmart Tax online platform. Make sure that you have your tax statements on hand and all deductible tax information, such as mortgage payments, receipts, etc., so that you can file your tax returns quickly and easily.

Is there an eSmart Tax coupon?

To get 20% off your tax filings, use eSmart Tax discount code ESTLC20.

What are some eSmart Tax alternatives?