TimeTrex Reviews

Learn about TimeTrex time and attendance software for businesses. Includes info on TimeTrex, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

3 min read • Last updated on December 3rd, 2018

TimeTrex is a workforce management solution that offers time and attendance software. With TimeTrex, users have access to a host of features including timesheets, accruals, and time banks. Employees can also track their time via a mobile device, desktop computer, or touch-tone telephone.

TimeTrex Pricing:

TimeTrex does not provide pricing on their website. However, other websites have revealed a monthly cost of $2.90 per user. For more pricing information, you can visit timetrex.com and request a personalized quote or contact their sales department at sales@timetrex.com.

TimeTrex Key Information:




West Kelowna, Canada


1 (206) 905-4732


Unit 22 - 2475 Dobbin Rd.Suite #292, West Kelowna, BC, Canada V4T 2E9



TimeTrex FAQs:

Is there a TimeTrex free trial?

No, TimeTrex does not offer a free trial. However, interested customers can visit timetrex.com and request a demo.

Where can I find the TimeTrex login?

TimeTrex does not have a login option.

Reviews of TimeTrex:




Kristy B.


They have an option to where you can use it on your phone. This makes it convenient because I travel for work a lot and don't always have access to a computer to clock in.

Lara H.


I don't particularly like or hate it; it works adequately, and is fairly simple to use. We use TimeTrex to clock in and out from our shifts; it's nice to be able to do so for a virtual office environment.

Samantha H.


The payroll system is fast, easy, and easily printable. It is also easy to add, delete, and edit time punches.

Tyler R.


Basic but gets the job done. It is generally simple for admins and staff using it. It's uses are comprehensive if not somewhat difficult to fully implement. If you spend the time, there's a lot to get out of it.

Verified Reviewer.


TimeTrex is a simple way to clock in, clock out, and see a breakdown of your work attendance.What do you like best? TimeTrex allows you to see the amount of hours in a given pay period.