TimeTrex Reviews

Learn about TimeTrex time and attendance software for businesses. Includes info on TimeTrex, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on February 12th, 2019

TimeTrex is a workforce management solution that offers time and attendance software. With TimeTrex, users have access to a host of features including timesheets, accruals, and time banks. Employees can also track their time via a mobile device, desktop computer, or touch-tone telephone.

TimeTrex Pricing:

TimeTrex does have a monthly cost of $2.90 per user, according to SMBGuide research. However, TimeTrex does not provide pricing on their website. For more pricing information, you can visit timetrex.com and request a personalized quote or contact their sales department at sales@timetrex.com.

TimeTrex Reviews
TimeTrex Review:

Pros: Reliable, quick, and easily accessible. Offers a host of useful features. Available on mobile devices.

Cons: The interface is complex and cluttered.

Bottomline: Great tool! Offers a reliable and fast solution. Feature-rich and easily accessible from anywhere.

TimeTrex Key Information:




West Kelowna, Canada


1 (206) 905-4732


Unit 22 - 2475 Dobbin Rd.Suite #292, West Kelowna, BC, Canada V4T 2E9



TimeTrex FAQs:

Is there a TimeTrex free trial?

No, TimeTrex does not offer a free trial. However, interested customers can visit timetrex.com and request a demo.

What are some TimeTrex alternatives?

Where can I find the TimeTrex login?

TimeTrex does not have a login option.

Reviews of TimeTrex:



Rinesi - reddit.com

I cannot recommend TimeTrex enough. There is even a free community version, we use it in our office. Was even a pretty smooth transition. It does hours, payroll, everything.

unintelligible40 - reddit.com

Check out time trex. It an integrate into most payroll applications if needed. It supports proximity, web, and biometric. Very nice simplistic UI.

unlegit - reddit.com

I use Timetrex for 30 employees and it has been great. I use the paid version but they also have an open-source cloud hosted, or self-hosted solution. I have not messed with the open-source version much, but I think that it has all of the features of the main version, minus the support. https://www.timetrex.com/download.php

Ragupathi - quora.com

TimeTrex Time and Attendance - (Recommended) - In many corporate companies they are using it to track timesheet.

utsec.net - community.spiceworks.com

This may be a little more than you are wanting, or maybe it has some additional features that you may want, but I have used and can recommend Timetrex payroll and time management. It is a full featured web based time clock. It comes with the ability to assign schedules to groups of users, or individual users. Although it comes with loads of other features, I have never really needed to use them.