Smart Passive Income

Learn about Smart Passive Income, a business podcast created for online business owners. Includes key information, popular episodes, reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on March 31st, 2020

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Smart Passive Income is a blog and business podcast created to help online business owners implement proven tactics for running and optimizing their business for passive income. Established and hosted by Pat Flynn, the podcast offers weekly interviews, email marketing tips, advice sessions, and more.




SEO and Business Growth Today with Glen Allsop

Informative talk with SEO expert and entrepreneur, Glen Allsop. Includes tips on how to improve web traffic.


How to Actually Make Progress and Grow Your Business—A Conversation with James Wedmore

James Wedmore discusses how to grow your business, maintain self-integrity, and achieve your business goals.


Top 5 Major Business Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Pat Flynn discusses the top mistakes major business entrepreneurs make and how you can avoid them.


Why Staying Small Is the Next Big Thing with Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis joins to share his insights on how to build a better small business.


The Next Big Steps in Business with Matt Gartland from Team Flynn

Discussion with Matt Gartland about project management, financial planning, and strategies for developing a business culture.


Women and Entrepreneurship—with Christy Wright

Business owner Christy Wright joins to discuss the challenges facing female entrepreneurs.


The Story of Super Coffee—from Dorm Room to Whole Foods and Beyond with Jim Decicco

Learn about the incredible story of Super Coffee. Includes life lessons, advice, and tips on how to land a big account.


Branding Masterclass (and Selling Digital and Physical Products) with the Amazing Seller, Scott Voelker

Interview with sales expert, Scott Voelker. Learn about strategies and tactics for creating and selling products and handling the competition.


How to Build a Brand that Stands Out from the Crowd

An informative discussion on how to make your brand stand out in a competitive market.


How to Up Your Online (and Offline) Game with Jordan Harbinger

Jordan Harbinger shares his insights on building better customer relationships and improving your non-verbal communication skills.


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Who is Pat Flynn?

Pat Flynn is the founder and host of Smart Passive Income. In 2008, Pat established the Smart Passive Income blog and business podcast to help business owners with internet marketing and starting an online business.

Why should I listen to Smart Passive Income?

Smart Passive Income is a popular business podcast that caters to the online business owner. It includes major tips on how to improve email and internet marketing, and how you can turn your online business into a profitable machine.

Where can I listen to Smart Passive Income?

You can listen to Smart Passive Income on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pocketcasts,Soundcloud, and Stitcher.

When was Smart Passive Income created?

Smart Passive Income was established in 2008. Some of the more popular episodes include the 5 Major Business Mistakes, and How to Build a Brand the Stands Out from the Crowd?