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Updated on September 6th, 2019

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Entrepreneurs on Fire (EOFire) is an award-winning business podcast created and hosted by John Lee Dumas. Designed specifically for small business owners, Entrepreneurs on Fire provides listeners with valuable business advice through thousands of interviews with renowned business owners, authors, and business specialists.




Tony Robbins Helps Us Master the MONEY Game with Value Bombs Galore

Interview with philanthropist, business expert, and bestselling author, Tony Robbins.


Secrets to Selling From Pages, Stages, and Webinars with Russell Brunson

Learn how investing in webinars and instructors can help improve your business success.


How to Become a Heroic Public Speaker with Michael Port

Motivating interview with marketing guru, public speaker, and author, Michael Port.


Sally Hogshead on How To Be Fascinating

John Lee Dumas sits down with brand and business fascination expert, Sally Hogshead.


The Power of Success to Significance with Aaron Walker

Interview with businessman, Aaron Walker. Includes advice on leadership, mentorship, and the consistent pursuit of excellence.


SUCCESS Magazine Founder and Modern Day Napoleon Hill: Darren Hardy Rocks Fire Nation

Darren Hardy, SUCCESS magazine founder, sits down with John Lee Dumas to discuss improving your success rate.


How Words Will Win You FREEDOM with Nikki Elledge Brown

Interview with Nikki Elledge Brown, a communications stylist. Learn how to communicate with clarity and confidence.


Why FREEDOM Wakes Up at 5am (Even If You Don’t) with Hal Elrod

Learn about the incredible life story of Hal Elrod, author, Hall of Fame business achiever, and keynote speaker.


Seth Godin Interview

Interview with blogger and entrepreneur, Seth Godin. Includes valuable life lessons and advice on failing as a business owner.


Kevin Rogers Reveals the 60-Second Sales Hook

John Lee Dumas sits down with comedian and author, Kevin Rogers, the brains behind a compelling business sales hook.


Key Information:




John Lee Dumas

Available From

Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart


Tips and tools for entrepreneurs

Phone number

1 (888) 207-5942


295 Palmas Inn Way, Ste 104 PMB 111 Humacao, PR 00791, Puerto Rico






Annie Rivera - annietalks.com

If you are an entrepreneur, whether you're a start-up business, or you're an entrepreneur and want to stay connected with other entrepreneurs, or need a little inspiration and motivation, I recommend Entrepreneurs on Fire hosted by John Lee Dumas. JLD shares his own story on how he got started, and he collaborates with other entrepreneurs in hosting webinars and online courses. His podcast is worthy of listening to and following.

dankyboodle - reddit.com

just started listening to Entrepreneurs On Fire, its not bad, episodes are short and sweet with a wide range business focused topics. on the flip side i also feel like I'm being sold something every episode.

Salverai - reddit.com

Best advice I can give is only to refer you to a fantastic resource of knowledge. It’s the podcast Entrepreneurs on Fire with JLD. A new podcast every day. They are only 20 minutes or so and they are geared around interviewing successful entrepreneurs. You will get inspired, learn about people’s worst experiences and how they became successful. You will also learn a shit ton about how to get your ass in gear and make it happen.

Jamie Newman - quora.com

Firstly, not many failures get the opportunity to be interviewed on a podcast, but... I recommend EOFire (Entrepreneur on Fire) John Lee Dumas always asks the entrepreneurs he interviews what their lowest moment was. Many successful entrepreneurs are able to describe their failures red and how they pulled through or made changes.

ClearyEU - reddit.com

I frequently listen to EOFire if the guest interests me, it's well structured and asks most entrepreneurs the steps they would take in 7 days if they were to start fresh which i always enjoy


Who is John Lee Dumas?

John Lee Dumas is the founder and host of Entrepreneurs on Fire. Created in 2012, John started his business podcast to help small business entrepreneurs navigate the business space with the help of renowned authors, business owners, motivational speakers, and more.

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Why should I listen to Entrepreneurs on Fire?

Entrepreneurs on Fire is an award-winning podcast that has featured over 2,000 interviews with guests such as Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, and Seth Godin. Episodes help provide small business entrepreneurs with actionable business advice and tips to help improve brand communication, sales strategies, business goals, and more.

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Where can I listen to Entrepreneurs on Fire?

You can listen to Entrepreneurs on Fire on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart, or by visiting the EOFire website.

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When was Entrepreneurs on Fire created?

Entrepreneurs on Fire was established in 2012.

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What are some Entrepreneurs on Fire alternatives?

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