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Updated on July 31st, 2023

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Social Pros is a marketing and business podcast created for entrepreneurs trying to make their mark online. Hosted by Jay Baer, the show takes an in-depth look at the latest marketing and social media procedures, trends, news, and strategies.




Is This the Best Business on Instagram?

In this episode, Griffin Thall, CEO and co-founder of Pura Vida Bracelets, talks about his business's popular Instagram presence and provides valuable social media tips.


What Seth Godin Thinks About the State of Social Media

Author Seth Godin joins the show to discuss social media marketing and staying consistent.


Non-Obvious 2019 Trends for Social Media and Beyond

Informative episode with guest Rohit Bhargava, the founder and Chief Trend Curator of the Non-Obvious Company. Rohit takes an in-depth look at the 2019 social media trends.


10 Key Social Media Lessons From 51 Podcast Episodes

In this special episode, host Jay Baer goes through the 10 most important social media lessons discussed in the shows first 51 episodes.


Why Michael Stelzner Says Less Is Now More in Social Media

Interview with Michael Stelzner, CEO and founder of Social Media Examiner. Michael reveals how you can build your social media practices based on research and data.


Will Influencer Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Join Forces?

Join the podcast to learn about affiliate marketing programs and turning influencers into long term affiliates.


Why the Relationship Between Branding and Social is More Critical Than Ever

Author and Chief Brand Strategist at Brand Driven Digital, Nick Westergaard is on the show to talk about the importance of branding and social media. Includes practical tips and advice.


How Qualcomm Grew a Thriving Influencer Marketing Program From Scratch

In this episode, Jessica Jensen, the Global Director of Marketing at Qualcomm, joins host Jay Baer to share how she leverages influencer marketing.


How Brian Fanzo Combines Real-Time and Right-Time Social Media

Brian Fanzo, the founder and CEO of iSocialFanz LLC, joins host Jay Baer for an informative interview. Brian shares his views on real-time social media and account takeovers.


How to Turn Your Personal Brand Into a Business

Learn how to turn your personal brand into a profitable business with guest Chris Ducker, the founder of Youpreneur.


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Who is Jay Baer?

Jay Baer is a customer service speaker, author, marketing expert, and host of the Social Pros podcast.

Why should I listen to the Social Pros podcast?

The Social Pros podcast is ideal for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to expand their knowledge of marketing and social media trends. The show provides productive tips, advice, and tactics to help improve your business's social media marketing strategy.

Where can I listen to the Social Pros podcast?

The Social Pros podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Youtube. We've rounded up a list of the 10 most popular episodes for you.