Business Wars

Discover Business Wars, a business podcast created for small business owners. Includes most popular episodes, key information, reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on September 17th, 2020

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Business Wars is a business podcast hosted by David Brown. Focusing on company branding battles, Business Wars evaluates the real-life success stories behind popular brands, such as Netflix, Nike, Coke, Adidas, and more. Includes discussions with business leaders, authors, inventors, and executives.




Netflix vs Blockbuster Revisited - Sudden Death | 1

An 8 part series that evaluates the battle between Netflix and Blockbuster. The series includes actionable advice on how to handle competition.


Ferrari vs. Lamborghini - The Gauntlet | 1

A 4 part series discussing the history of Ferrari and Lamborghini. Learn how these major companies developed their brand over the years.


McDonald’s vs Burger King - Fastest Burger in the West | 1

A 7 part series about the McDonald’s vs Burger King branding battle. Discusses their origin stories, how they overcame competition, and the importance of ad campaigns.


Red Bull vs Monster - Get Your Wings | 1

Reveals the story behind the brand battle of Red Bull vs Monster. Discusses how both brands overcame extreme lows and highs by changing their branding strategy.


Xbox vs Playstation - The Biggest Cannon in the World | 1

Evaluates the brand battle of Xbox vs Playstation in a 4 part series. Talks about the failures of both brands and how they overcame challenges.


Coke vs Pepsi - Interview with Tristan Donovan | 7

The finale to a 7 part series that evaluated the popular brand battle between Coke and Pepsi. Features a sit down interview with author Tristan Donovan.


eBay vs PayPal - Interview with Kara Swisher | 7

Interview with Kara Swisher, podcast host and tech expert. Kara shares her insights on the brand battle between eBay and PayPal.


Nike vs Adidas - Interview with Liz Dolan and David Meltzer | 7

The finale to a 7 part series discussing the major brand battle between Nike and Adidas. Features an interview with former Nike CMO, Liz Dolan, and sports marketing expert, David Meltzer.


Browser Wars

Reveals the story behind the world's first internet browsers, Netscape and Internet Explorer, and how Microsoft pushed Netscape out of business.


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Wondery, Inc


David Brown

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Jan 01, 2018

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Who is David Brown?

David Brown is an award-winning journalist, lawyer, radio personality, and the host of Business Wars. David uses the Business Wars podcast to debate historical branding battles that shaped the business community.

Why should I listen to Business Wars?

Business Wars takes an in-depth look at major brand battles, actively discussing how brands were able to succeed and how they managed to fail. The podcast helps business owners that want to focus on their business branding strategies, providing informative tips on how to overcome competition and changes in customer demand. Try listening to our choice of the 10 most popular episodes to see if you enjoy the podcast.

Where can I listen to Business Wars?

You can listen to Business Wars on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, Castbox, Radio Public, Pocket Casts, Breaker.