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Read about the leading free SMS marketing software. Includes information about free offers, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on July 15th, 2019

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Free SMS marketing tools can be used to market your business to new and existing customers via text messages. SMS marketing tools make it easy to send out bulk text messages about promotions, new products, sales and other incentives.

Below is our list of the best free SMS marketing tools for small businesses.

Best Free SMS Marketing Tools:

Our Ranking

Software Name

Free Offer



Free up to 12 users.



Free up to 3,000 subscribers.



Free up to 100 texts per month.



Free up to 100 texts per month.



Free 14-day trial.



Free 14-day trial.



Free up to 50 texts per month.



Free 15-day trial.



Free up to 100 texts per month.



Free 14-day trial.


What is SimpleTexting?

SimpleTexting is a web-based SMS Marketing platform that offers an array of useful features, such as automated campaigns, mass text, MMS marketing, and more.

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How do I set up SMS Marketing?

You can choose one of the free software listed above. We recommend Bitrix24, Textafied, and Textedly.

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How can I send bulk SMS online?

We recommend TextMagic, an SMS marketing tool that allows users to easily send bulk notifications, alerts, reminders, and more.

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How can I send free SMS from bulk to mobile?

We recommend Textedly, Skebby, and SlickText.

Is free SMS marketing software cloud-based?

Some tools are available via the cloud, while others may need to be downloaded to your computer. Remember, if you choose and SMS marketing software free download, it will use storage space on your hard drive.

What are the limits of free SMS marketing software?

As you can see from the table above, most free SMS programs place a cap on the number of text messages that you can send each month. If you send a high volume of messages, you may need to switch to a paid plan.

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Free Sms Marketing

What are some free SMS marketing software tools?

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