Skebby Review

Explore Skebby's SMS marketing software for your business. Includes info on Skebby, free trials, review, pricing, and FAQs.

Updated on July 15th, 2019

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Skebby by Commify is SMS marketing software. Skebby is used for all business sectors, and sends SMS messages to scores of recipients in just a few minutes.


Plan Name


SMS Basic 144 SMSes


SMS Basic 500 SMSes

0,050 € each

SMS Basic 680 SMSes

0,050 € each

SMS Basic 1,360 SMSes

0,050 € each

SMS Basic 3,541 SMSes

0,048 € each

SMS Basic 7,325 SMSes

0,043 € each

SMS Basic 15,384 SMSes

0,039 € each

SMS Basic 40,714 SMSes

0,035 € each

SMS Basic 83,333 SMSes

0,033 € each

SMS Classic 100 SMSes


SMS Classic 350 SMSes

0,0715 € each

SMS Classic 500 SMSes

0,068 € each

SMS Classic 1,000 SMSes

0,068 € each

SMS Classic 2,500 SMSes

0,068 € each

SMS Classic 5,000 SMSes

0,063 € each

SMS Classic 10,000 SMSes

0,060 € each

SMS Classic 25,000 SMSes

0,057 € each

SMS Classic 50,000 SMSes

0,055 € each


0,106 € each


0,102 € each


0,102 € each

SMS ADV 1,667 SMSes

0,102 € each

SMS ADV 3.248 SMSes

0,097 € each

SMS ADV 6,897 SMSes

0,087 € each

SMS ADV 17,379 SMSes

0,082 € each

SMS ADV 36,667 SMSes

0,075 € each

Skebby Review

Pros: Good variety of plans.

Cons: At least 2,000 contacts need to be selected in order to launch an SMS ADV campaign.

Bottomline: Skebby's free plans give your business the opportunity to use their product to evaluate them first.

Key Information:


Davide Marrone




Milan, Italy

Number of Employees



Luigi Orsi Carbone


Via Melzo, n.12, 20129 Milan, Italy


+39 02 8350 8000


News & Activity:


News or Activity

August 7, 2018

Skebby Parent Company Commify Announces New European Acquisitions


What is Skebby?

Skebby is an SMS marketing platform that enables businesses to facilitate efficient communication.

Read more about Skebby.

How much does it cost to use Skebby?

Skebby's pricing ranges between 0,033 € and 0,106 € per SMS. Skebby offers free plans for up to 144 SMS messages.

See Skebby's full list of pricing.

What are the features of Skebby?

  • Send and receive texts from your computer.
  • Automatically create lists/groups of mobile numbers via SMS.
  • Create responsive landing pages for free.
  • Send and receive marketing and CRM texts directly from your application, server or website, or email the client via API.
  • Bulk text messages.

Get more information on Skebby.

Does Skebby work with any mobile device?

Skebby works with all mobile devices that support Java.

See more information on Skebby.

Can I schedule SMS messages with Skebby?

Yes. Skebby allows you to schedule messages that can be sent on a future date or on regular fixed dates.

Get more details on Skebby.

Can Skebby track if my message was sent successfully?

Yes. Skebby uses delivery receipts and error messages traceability to check if your messages have been successfully transmitted.

See more information on Skebby.

Is it safe to use Skebby?

Yes. Skebby is a highly secure platform that uses a secure HTTP connection and SSL 128-bit encryption.

Read more about Skebby.

Is there a Skebby free trial?

Yes. Besides Skebby's free plans, they offer free trials that offer you 10 free SMS messages.

Learn more about Skebby.