Free Restaurant POS Software

Discover the leading free restaurant POS software solutions for small businesses. Includes frequently asked questions.

Updated on July 31st, 2019

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Free restaurant POS software is used in restaurants to seat customers, place orders, create bills and schedule reservations. In a restaurant, the POS system is one of the most important tools that employees have at their fingertips to maintain efficiency.

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Square Point of Sale

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Automatically tracks customer purchases.

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Robust reporting.

Best Free Restaurant POS Software:

Our Ranking

Software Name

Free Offer


Chromis POS

Free - unlimited.


Floreant POS

Free - unlimited.



Free for one register.



Free for a single computer.



Free - unlimited.



Free for a single user with up to 25 products.



Free up to one year for a single user.



Free - unlimited.



Free 28-day trial.



Free 14-day trial.


Which free POS software is best?

We rank Chromis POS as the best free restaurant POS software.

View our full ranking list here.

Is there any free restaurant POS software for iPads?

Linga and eHoppoer are both compatible with an iPad if you would like to use your POS software through your mobile device. This is convenient if your business already owns an iPad or wants a portable register.

Can I use a free restaurant POS to schedule my employees' shifts?

You can use point of success to create weekly shift schedules, making it easy to see who is working when. Employees can access the schedule so that they are aware of what shifts they are responsible for. These schedules can also be used to generate reports that will show you your estimated labor costs for each shift.

Free Pos System For Restaurant

What are some free POS Systems for restaurants?:

Does free restaurant POS software have any limitations?

If you use a restaurant POS software free download, you may or may not have access to the full version. Some free programs have only basic features, while other like Chromis and Floreant are unlimited.

Is there free restaurant POS software available for download?

You can get a free restaurant POS software download from Floreant POS, ProffittCenter, or Keyhut.

Is free restaurant POS software PC compatible?

Free POS software for PC computers is easy to find. In fact, most of the free POS software for small business offer free point of sale software for Windows.

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