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View FaxBetter's online fax service for your business. Includes info on FaxBetter, free trials, reviews, pricing, and FAQs.

Updated on February 24th, 2022

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FaxBetter is an online fax service for sending and receiving faxes without a fax machine. FaxBetter assigns you a toll-free fax number, and when documents are faxed to this number they are emailed to you.


Plan Name

Monthly Pricing

FaxBetter Free



Starting at $5.95

FaxBetter Reviews

Pros: FaxBetter sends your faxes conveniently to your email account, and they offer a free plan.

Cons: Research has found that FaxBetter allows users to send and receive faxes from one email address only and offers no telephone customer support.

Bottomline: A good product that makes faxing as easy as email.

Key Information:

Legal Name

Depositdox, Inc. dba Faxbetter.com


Eric Nashbar

Founding Date

Jun 01, 2006


201 South Palm Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236 United States

Number of Employees


Number of Customers





1 (855) 329-2388




How much does FaxBetter cost?

FaxBetter's pricing starts at $5.95 per month if you don't opt for their free plan. FaxBetter's free plan is advertising-supported and requires you to use the FaxBetter Extension.

How does FaxBetter work?

You will receive a toll-free fax number upon registering for FaxBetter. When documents are faxed to this number they are emailed to you and appear in your FaxBetter account within minutes.

Does FaxBetter allow me to receive faxes from outside the US?

Yes. If the international sender can send a fax to a toll-free number in the US, then BetterFax can receive it. They will have to dial the correct United States dialing code.

Does FaxBetter offer a free trial?

You can try FaxBetter's free plan.

Can I fax in color using BetterFax?

No, FaxBetter only offers black, white and grayscale faxing. Any faxes sent or received in color will be converted to grayscale.

How long does it take to port my existing number to FaxBetter?

The porting process usually takes a week if your original fax number is accepted immediately. When porting a number from another carrier the information must match exactly or the port will be rejected and this will delay the process.

Can I get a copy of my faxes if I cancel my FaxBetter subscription?

Yes. You receive a copy via email each time you send a fax. Unless you deleted the emails, you will already have a copy of all of your faxes.

What are some alternatives to FaxBetter?