Learn about FaxZero free online fax platform for small businesses. Includes info on FaxZero, free trials, pricing, and FAQs.

Updated on December 11th, 2018

FaxZero provides free online-based fax services to businesses and individuals situated in the United States or Canada. For an additional price, users can also send faxes internationally. With FaxZero, you can send up to 3 pages and 5 faxes per day.

FaxZero Pricing:

FaxZero does not have a full pricing list available on their website because the service is free of charge. However, if you wish to send more than 25 faxes per day, there is an additional charge of $1.99 per fax. For more information, you contact the support department at support@faxzero.com.

FaxZero Key Information:


Kevin Savetz


Portland OR



Mailing Address

PO Box 19483, Portland OR, 97280-0483



FaxZero FAQs:

Is there a FaxZero free trial?

No, FaxZero does not offer a free trial.

Are there reviews for FaxZero?

At this time there are no customer reviews available for this product.

Where can I find the FaxZero login?

FaxZero does not have a login option.