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Learn about Dictate dictation software. Includes key info, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on September 13th, 2019

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Dictate.ms is a free dictation add-in created by Microsoft. Using dictation software and real-time translation technology, Dictate.ms automatically converts audio to written text. The add-in can be used in Word, Powerpoint, and Outlook.


Dictate.ms is a completely free add-in offered by Microsoft, according to our research.


Pros: Clean, fast, and easy to navigate. The add-in is free to download.

Cons: Can only be used with Microsoft Office.

Bottomline: Simple and free add-in that instantly converts spoken words to written words.

Key Information:

Parent Company



Redmond, Washington


Satya Nadella

Number of Employees



1 Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA






aliscool2 - reddit.com

I use Microsoft "Dictate" add-on for Word and Outlook. It is quite good, and its free. Get a great headphone and mic combo and an extension cord for your headset so you can walk and point and get all worked up while you type. I have some significant handicaps and can't type much on a good day, a bad day is terribly problematic for me... Dictate allows me to be productive.

Andy Paps - facebook.com

You can also use dictate.ms, which works directly in Word, PowerPoint and Outlook... Much easier. Has saved my life... Absolutely love it.


What is Microsoft Dictate?

Dictate.ms is a free dictation plug-in created for Microsoft Office.

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Does MS Word have dictation?

No. There are a number of dictation plug-ins available for Microsoft, including Dictate.ms. However, unlike other dictation plug-ins, Dictate.ms is completely free.

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Is Microsoft Dictate free?

Yes. Dictate.ms is a completely free add-in.

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