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Learn about Transcribe dictation software. Includes key info, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on December 12th, 2019

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Transcribe is an online-based dictation software created for businesses and freelancers. With Transcribe, users can easily transform audio recordings, podcasts, interviews, and other audio files into written text.


Plan Name

Yearly Pricing

Self transcription


Automatic transcription

$20.00 + $6.00/audio hour


Pros: Affordable and simple to use. Offers a multi-language feature.

Cons: No audio capture or concatenated speech.

Bottomline: Flexible tool that easily converts a range of audio recordings into text.

Key Information:


Jason Bosco




Los Angeles, California

Parent Company


Number of Employees




What is Transcribe software?

Transcribe uses speech recognition software to easily convert audio to written text. The software is often used by freelancers, journalist, small businesses, and more.

How much is Transcribe?

Transcribe offers one subscription fee of $20.00 per year.

Does Transcribe offer a free trial?

Yes, Transcribe offers a 1-week free trial on their website.

When was Transcribe created?

Transcribe was established in 2010.

Customer Reviews:


Reviewed: Dec 06, 2018

Source: Twitter

Genuine recommendation: I'm still mightily impressed with @wreallystudios for dictating transcription - incredible accuracy on science stuff and a fraction of the price ($20) I'd been paying for a far worse piece of software.


Reviewed: Nov 09, 2018

Source: Twitter

Just tried the audio (auto) transcription tool from @wreallystudios and it rocked. Not 100% of course, but some of the attempts it made were really LOVE it. Saved me HOURS on an interview!


Reviewed: Oct 13, 2018

Source: Twitter

On deadline, under the gun and can't face two hours of transcription. That was me, last week. Then I tried Transcribe by @wreallystudios! It was fantastic! I highly recommend this affordable and accurate service...and no, I'm not getting paid for the praise.


Reviewed: Nov 04, 2019

Source: Twitter

Best internet service this year amazing, easy and useful @wreallystudios continue to develop this!


Reviewed: Mar 04, 2019

Source: Twitter

I've probably shouted about this before, but I can't sing the praises of Transcribe by @wreallystudios enough. If you've got audio to transcribe, whether you're going to type it, dictate it or use the awesome auto transcribe option, these are your guys