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Learn about Speechnotes voice typing service for businesses and individuals. Includes info on Speechnotes, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on July 31st, 2019

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Speechnotes is a voice recognition platform for businesses and individuals. Speechnotes solutions include voice typing, auto save capability, and an instant translator. Speechnotes can be used to seamlessly take notes through dictation.


Speechnotes software is completely free.


Pros: Amazing transcription capabilities and editing is allowed prior to the sentence being typed.

Cons: Unable to delete typos with verbal command.

Bottomline: Superb voice recognition platform to enable easy dictation processes.

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jina.consulting - facebook.com

Let me introduce a voice/speech recognition tool, which is free and entirely online-based, called Speechnotes. I’ve tried it on my laptop to type out my lesson plan and it worked great! (Refer to the image below, but please note that it has not been fully edited.) Just speak and Speechnote will write the text for you. You will need to do some minor editing, however, since some words may be typed in incorrectly.

KDPer3 - reddit.com

I use Speechnotes occasionally. It's a free app and you can access typing features without turning the mic off and back on.The mic on my computer isn't terribly good and hasn't worked well with other speech to text options. Since Speechnotes is on my phone the built in mic works just fine. It also doesn't turn itself off quickly, which was a problem I had with speech to text on GDocs, Dragon Assistant, and a few other programs. For me, it's a reasonable add on to my writing routine when I know I'm going to be sitting in my car for a while and for some reason I don't want to type on my Neo. I dictate and then email it to myself. Since I don't commute and I live with others Speech to Text isn't an option terribly often. I could probably get better at it with more practice, but as it stands now every time I try speech to text I'm slower, the style is different from what's typed, and it requires heavy editing to bring it back into flow with the rest of the work.

weezthejooce - reddit.com

Speechnotes is the best I found too for a phone. The voice typing within the Google docs service via a desktop browser allows much longer pauses than the Android version of Google voice typing and has a little better accuracy than scriptnotes. I had limited success with cable-connecting my headphone and mic ports to allow auto playback transcription of my recorded interviews, but ultimately I just put on headphones and parroted what the interviewee said in a clear voice.


What is Speechnotes?

Speechnotes is a voice recognition software for businesses and individuals. Features include voice typing, auto save capability, and an instant translator.

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Is there a Speechnotes free trial?

Speechnotes software is completely free. No registration is required.

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