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Learn about Dictation.io dictation software. Includes key information, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on September 13th, 2019

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Dictation.io is a free web-based dictation software created by Digital Inspiration. With the help of speech recognition technology, Dictation.io instantly converts audio into text. Users can create emails, documents, and campaigns without typing.


Dictation.io is a free dictation software, according to our research.


Pros: Simple and fast solution. Understands and transcribes multiple popular languages.

Cons: Not compatible with iPhone or iPad.

Bottomline: Clean, easy to use, and free software that converts audio into text in real-time.

Key Information:


Amit Agarwal





Parent Company

Digital Inspiration

Number of Employees


Phone number

91 (562) 400-4563






Unknown - gsedtech.blogspot.com

If this is not in your budget, try dictation.io. This is an online voice dictation website. You can dictate to the website and then copy/paste to a Google Doc, save to Google Drive, save to dropbox, or email the text. I have had good luck with this one. Remember, this website will not learn your speech patterns like Dragon Dictate so may not work for everyone.

Bart - askbobrankin.com

Just tried dictation.io. Interesting, but no match for Dragon Systems with an external mic.

Rich Young - quora.com

You no longer need a secretary, or even expensive dictation software to convert your spoken words into text. Just open dictation.io, turn on your microphone, and start using online voice recognition right in your Google Chrome web browser. No, it won't work in Firefox. It's pretty dang accurate.

PitchforkAssistant - reddit.com

dictation.io seems pretty awesome for taking notes, it's like using voice recognition on your phone to take notes.

NerdyLyss - reddit.com

And there's also this little thing, I've used it now and then. https://dictation.io/. They're not perfect, but they get the job done. I did notice that I have better results with my headset rather than just using my computer's built-in mic.


Does Dictation.io offer a free trial?

According to our research, Dictation.io is a completely free dictation software.

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What languages does Dictation.io support?

Dictation can understand and convert spoken words in most of the popular languages, such as English, Spanish, French, Afrikaans, Italian, and more.

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What are the system requirements for Dictation.io?

You must have Google Chrome browser on your Windows PC, Mac OS X or Linux. Does not work on iOS devices.

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