Top CMMS Solutions for 2019

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Updated on June 24th, 2019

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CMMS is a type of computer software that businesses can use for maintenance management. CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System. A CMMS system keeps track of equipment and other mechanical business assets so that employees can keep up with their maintenance schedule.

Best CMMS Software:

Our Rank


Minimum Price



$25.00 /mo.



$3,500.00 /one-time license


Asset Essentials

$2,500.00 /yr.



$35.00 /mo.



$35.00 /mo.


Hippo CMMS

$45.00 /mo.


IBM Maximo

$45.00 /mo.


Maintenance Connection

Quote only.



$40.00 /mo.



$55.00 /mo.


What is CMMS software?

CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System. It is software that manages a database of information about a company's maintenance operations and organizes equipment and other business assets to allow for an efficient maintenance schedule.

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Cmms Software Programs

What is the best CMMS software?

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How much does a CMMS system cost?

The cheapest CMMS system is UpKeep at $25.00 per month, while the most expensive is Asset Essentials with a yearly payment of $2,500.00.

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What is the difference between CMMS and EAM?

While CMMS software manages a company's maintenance operations, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) oversees the optimal life cycle management of an organization’s physical assets, including operations, equipment and facilities, maintenance and decommissioning/replacement of a plant, and more.

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What is CMMS training?

CMMS training refers to the training of maintenance professionals to use CMMS software to the best effect. According to research, companies with a CMMS solution only use 10-20% of a system’s functionality. CMMS training ensures effective usage of CMMS software.

Why is CMMS important?

It's important to invest in maintenance software as it is necessary to correct faults and improve performance in order to easily adapt to an ever-changing technical environment. CMMS software makes bug fixes, patches, updates, and modifications easy to manage.

Cmms Administrator Job Description

What does a CMMS Administrator do?

A CMMS Administrator manages a CMMS system for business by communicating with technicians, scheduling preventative maintenance, monitoring inventory levels and budgeting for maintenance needs.

What is CMMS Maximo?

Maximo is IBM's CMMS maintenance software solution. With Maximo, companies of all sizes can do on-premise or cloud-based asset management, maintenance management, inventory monitoring and more.

Can CMMS software be used for work order tracking?

Yes, most CMMS maintenance programs have a work order tracking feature. With work order tracking, an employee can select a piece of equipment and type a brief summary of the issue. The issue can then be assigned to a technician. When the issue is fixed, the technician marks the work order as complete and the person who submitted it can see the status.

Can I use my CMMS system for inventory management?

Programs like Hippo CMMS and Bigfoot CMMS both have inventory management functions. With built-in inventory management, you can use your maintenance management system to keep a running tally of inventory levels without using a separate system.

Is there any CMMS training online for employees and administrators?

There are lots of CMMS online training options if you would like to learn how to use a maintenance management system. Micromain has its own CMMS school if you are using their software, as do many other providers.

Are there any CMMS lab applications?

CMMS solutions are very important in laboratories because accuracy and precision are both essential for product development and experimentation. Without proper maintenance, it's impossible to have accurate equipment. Fiix has CMMS software that was developed specifically for lab applications.