Free Preventative Maintenance Software

Learn more about the best free preventative maintenance software with information about free offers and a list of frequently asked questions.

5 min read • Last updated on December 7th, 2018

Free preventative maintenance software is used to keep business equipment up to date with regular maintenance intervals. The software can schedule and track routine maintenance tasks that are necessary during the working lifecycle of a piece of equipment.

Best Free Preventative Maintenance Software:

Our Ranking

Software Name

Free Offer


Apache OFbiz

Free - unlimited.


CWorks Basic

Free for one year.


Comma CMMS

Free up to one user.



Free up to 25 work orders.


Maintenance Care

Free Basic edition.



Free - unlimited.


Hippo CMMS

Free 14-day trial.



Free 30-day trial.



Free - unlimited.


Norfello CMMS

Free - unlimited.

Free Preventative Maintenance Software FAQs:

Are there are limitations to free preventative maintenance program software?

If you choose a free, open-source program, then there are virtually no limits. If you opt for a free plan when there are paid versions, such as Maintenance Care's Basic plan, you will not have access to all of the features that the other versions include.

Do I need to download free software, or can I access it through the cloud?

It depends on the program that you choose. Some companies offer a free preventative maintenance software download that you can install on your computer, while others give you access to a cloud-based solution that you can log into from any location.

Free Preventative Maintenance Software
Free Preventative Maintenance Programs:
  • Apache OFbiz.
  • Cworks Basic.
  • Comma CMMS.
  • UpKeep.
  • Maintenance Care.
  • openMAINT.
  • Hippo CMMS.
  • Calem EAM.